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6 Ways the Pandemic will Make Companies More Human

“At a time when the world is grieving the many losses from COVID-19 and examining roles, responsibilities and responses to #blacklivesmatter, wouldn’t be extraordinary if we could emerge from this with better, safer, more meaningful and more human workplaces?” - Human Resource Executive

1. Powershift: Top-down leadership will feel stale and fake

With remote work, new processes and procedures will create powershift to smaller, flatter networks because leadership will have to trust employees to make their own decisions, to innovate and to do meaningful work.

2. Generalists, not specialists, mean greater diversity and opportunity

Everyone is going to have to wear multiple hats. The change opens up the opportunity for a more diverse workforce, which will help breakdown formerly invisible but readily felt barriers between teams.

3. Work-life balance morphs into life with work

When people work, how they work and what benefits are offered will be the litmus test for healthy organizations. Physical health, mental health, and financial health will require renewed focus from organizations.

4. Hyperdrive is the new innovation paradigm

Speed is the new paradigm. The global pharmaceutical industry changed overnight in search for a COVID-19 vaccine. The need for speed means less red tape, fewer committees, fewer meetings, and more collaboration.

5. Bosses lead and embrace employees as people

COVID gave organizations windows into everyone’s lives due to WFH. Nimble organizations adapt to make it easier for them to find a reason to be their best selves with flexible schedules, opportunities to learn, and more virtual work.

6. Digital compassion will reign supreme

Business result and performance conversations are all held via phone and video. Thus, we will have to learn how to develop real, compassionate relationships over the screen.

Resource: Human Resource Executives


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