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[White Paper] Building a Forever Hybrid Workforce (Issue #137)

[HRCap HR White Paper]

5 Proven Strategies for Building a Sustainable

Forever Hybrid Workplace to Win the War for Talent

The pandemic has drastically and rapidly shifted the way in which the workforce operates. From COVID-19, a new normal in business operations was born and many forward-thinking businesses began to future-proof by re-strategizing business operations and implementing new initiatives to thrive in the new normal. This White Paper offers 5 winning strategies that organizations can adopt to maintain optimal business operations by retaining and attracting top talent in the new normal workplace post pandemic. We will provide insights and vision on the future of work along with recommendations on how businesses can successfully implement the forever hybrid work modality that will allow them to win the war for talent.

[HRCap Company Highlight]

Launch of ERP 3.0 - HRCap's Proprietary Data Powerhouse

Through extensive design sessions, employee feedback, testing and deployment, ERP Version 3.0 officially launched on December 6, 2021. Two major components were the focus of the update to ERP Version 3.0, aesthetics & user interface, and internal processes. Additionally, the ERP database was also cleaned and mined to provide users with the most accurate talent data and meaningful recruiting analytics. With the enhanced features, friendly usability, and advanced capabilities, HRCap is committed to leveraging our powerful talent database to service our clients and candidates as a Global Total HR Solutions Leader.

{ Motivational Quote of the Week }

The legendary OD Scholar-Practitioner Warner Burke inspires HRCap, Inc. throughout our Leadership Assessment Tool Design that the most critical leadership traits are Self Awareness and Learning Agility, now more than ever in our rapidly evolving world. We need to identify change leaders who can effectively learn, adapt, and lead transformations. As we head into the new week, let's reflect and act on how we learn in our respective professional careers and personal lives!

{ HR Insights }

The pandemic has introduced virtual interviews and the new trend has become a critical part of the essential hiring process. Virtual hiring practices have allowed organizations to source from a wider talent pool and expedited the hiring process with greater access to scheduling availabilities. We advise companies to continuously adopt ways to identify, screen, and hire top talent with virtual tools.

{ HR Insights }

The global pandemic has taught us that HR operations must revolve around people. Incorporating people into the dialogue allows for HR departments to carry out operations that not only serve their employees but also allow for employees to unleash their fullest potentials. Mercer highlights 5 tips more efficient human centric operations in the new normal.

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