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What Not to Say in an Interview

An interview is an important aspect of the hiring process as it gives employers insight into what it would be like to have you as an employee. Let's learn more about what not to say in an interview!

"So, tell me what you do around here"

Never walk into an interview without having done your research on the company and your interviewers. Show that you're excited enough that you've done some research and have given significant thought into the opportunity.

"I didn't get along with my boss"

Never badmouth a former employer in an interview. Keep your tone somewhere between neutral and positive. Focus on what you've learned from each experience and how that can be applied to the current job that you are applying for.

"Um, I actually don't know"

No matter how much you practice, you may be asked a very difficult question. Never give "I don't know" as an immediate answer. Buy some time by repeating the question thoughtfully, or ask if you can have a moment to think through.

"How soon do you promote employees?"

Avoid coming off as arrogant and entitled by avoiding such questions. Instead, focus on talking about commitment and longevity, and ask the interviewers questions that relate to career progressions.

"Nope - No questions"

Always prepare thoughtful questions for the interviews. This is a great way to spark further conversation and set yourself apart from other interviewees. Not having any questions for the interviewer shows that you're not interested enough to learn anymore.

Source: The Muse


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