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The Truth behind Recruiting in the New Normal (Issue #135)

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The Truth behind Recruiting in the New Normal

Building a Sustainable Hybrid Workforce as the Forever New Normal

HRCap believes hybrid work is the most sustainable work modality, and advises business leaders and HR executives on tackling such issues by addressing business needs and adopting workplace models that are both conducive to optimal business performance and responsive to employee satisfaction. In adapting to a new hybrid work environment however, HR Executives and Hiring Teams must be trained to implement strategic ways to identify, screen, and hire the right candidates from the get-go.

[Company Highlight]

Team-Building and Ideation for an Inclusive Workplace

Review of our October HRCap Company-Wide Employee Workshop

On Friday, October 22, 2021, HRCap resumed our U.S. Company-Wide Employee Workshop at our Headquarters Training Room. The main objective of this month's workshop was to generate company wide spirit and allow inclusive feedback for our ERP 3.0 upgrade, scheduled for December 2021 Launch. Through the Team-Building and Collective Brainstorming exercises, our employees were given an open outlet to voice their opinions that will directly influence the way they use the ERP tool. We were able gain valuable input from the individuals who actually use the ERP system the most, and were able to further optimize the tools and processes that exist to enable them to better succeed in their role.

{ Motivational Quote of the Week }

We're often taught to treat others the way we want to be treated, but writer Julia Alvarez highlights the importance of doing so wholly for the sake of being kind to others, not to equally give back what we receive. This week, let's take extra care to treat those around us with the utmost respect and kindness!

{ HR Insights }

On account of the pandemic, the workplace has transitioned to a largely hybrid model, and there have consequently been many shifts in when, where, and how people work. Greater importance has been placed on collaboration within organizations, the use of offices as both spaces to work and facilitate collaboration, a reconsideration of work-life balance, employees wanting employers to focus more on both outcomes and output, and younger generations feeling underprepared for future jobs due to a lack of experience in the office.

{ HR Insights }

Although remote work has its benefits, it also comes with a list of challenges. With the clear lines between home and work being blurred by the conditions of remote work, it has become difficult for workers to separate their work and personal lives, to feel like they're in a collaborative environment, and to communicate efficiently with their teams. With new methods come benefits and disadvantages, and remote work is no exception.

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