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Team-Building and Ideation for an Inclusive Workplace

Review of our October HRCap Company-Wide Employee Workshop

Written by HRCap, Inc.

October 27, 2021

On Friday, October 22, 2021, HRCap resumed our U.S. Company-Wide Employee Workshop at our Headquarters Training Room. The main objective of this month's workshop was to generate company wide spirit and allow inclusive feedback for our ERP 3.0 upgrade, scheduled for December 2021 Launch. The Workshop was divided into two segments: team-building and collective brainstorming.

[Team-Building for Acclimation to the New Normal]

Team-building activities were implemented to foster company-wide spirit and collaboration. This was extremely helpful since the employees work in different teams for the majority of their workdays and communicate within their designated teams more often than outside of their designated teams. HRCap firmly believes it is crucial to integrate all members of the company to engage and work as a community in building a trusted partnership, which can be done so through simple team-building activities. Through various interactive ice-breaking activities, HRCap employees were able to mingle with those outside of their departments and gain a sense of team spirit and camaraderie.

With COVID-19, employees worked remotely for several months before coming back to the office for hybrid work, and were not able to have the face-to-face interaction limiting overall company spirit and collaborative engagement. Even with the current hybrid work modality, employees only get to interact with those in their immediate departments as departments interchange the days for onsite work. The team-building ice-breaking activities helped facilitate and rebuild the pandemic-induced broken interaction amongst employees. Seasoned employees were able to recreate a sense of belonging and new hires were truly acclimated and welcomed in.

[Brainstorming for Collective Ideation & Inclusive Co-creation]

For the brainstorming activities, teams were formed with as much diversity as possible. Teammates making up the three departmental divisions were split into different groups to bring varying expertise. Length of tenure was also factored in, allowing for those with seasoned skills to work alongside new hires with innovative and fresh ideas. Bringing together those with different roles, experiences, and perspectives allowed for the exchange of creative knowledge co-creation for our ERP.

At HRCap, we have own ERP system, developed specifically for our unique recruiting process. Developed in 2010, our ERP system keeps track of the recruiting progress of all of our ongoing hiring cases for our clients in real-time. The system also keeps a database of all 500K candidates that have connected with us throughout the years. It has been updated to enhance employee user experience, streamlined recruiting processes, and integration with our client management system (CRM).

As we shared on LinkedIn, giving employees a voice and listening to their feedback are crucial to a well-structured organization, but what's most important is taking action on their feedback to best improve the employee experience, further driving these 3 long-term employee engagement benefits.

The October Workshop was the final component to fully elevate the current ERP to the next level with ERP 3.0. Various functionality, features, and UI updates are being made based on the ongoing employee feedback that have all been turned into the direct design, development, and deployment. By giving our employees a meaningful outlet to voice their opinions that will directly influence they way the use the ERP tool, we were able to gain valuable input from the individuals who actually use the ERP system the most, and were able to further optimize the tools and processes that exist to enable them to better succeed in their roles.

We look forward to our next monthly Company-Wide workshop before the Thanksgiving Weekend!

Source: HRCap, Qualtrics


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