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The Korea Daily (JoongAng Ilbo) Appoints our CMO Stella H. Kim as Expert Columnist

Written by HRCap, Inc.

January 19, 2023

The Korea Daily (JoongAng Ilbo) has appointed Stella H. Kim, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President at HRCap, Inc., to be an expert columnist on the topics of Human Resources.

The Korea Daily is the largest Korean media group in the U.S. that printed its first U.S. edition in 1974 with the mission to "bridge mainstream America with the Korean and Korean American communities." With over 190,000 nationwide circulation, The Korea Daily delivers quality journalism to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Vancouver & Toronto. JoongAng Ilbo is one of the three biggest South Korean media company and was first launched in 1965. Since then, it has been a pioneer in the newspaper industry by launching new layouts, utilizing a system of specialist reporters, and introducing digital transformation.

We are excited and honored to have our CMO Stella H. Kim serve as an expert columnist to provide data-driven, high-quality articles that contribute to the growth and thought leadership of Korean-American communities, HR and business leaders, career professionals and job seekers, as well as the general public. With her seasoned experience and unique expertise in recruitment, talent intelligence, and organizational psychology, Stella will be writing to address issues on job market trends, recruitment guides, and multigenerational/multicultural trends in the workplace.

In her first column article "Skills are the Currency of the Future, Learning is the Only Key for the Future," Stella writes about the importance of learning agility and how learning is our only future.

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