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Spotlights by HRCap: Top 10 Influential Speakers to Follow in 2024 (HRCap Newsletter Issue #259 - May 30, 2024)

Influential speakers can provide the necessary inspiration and expert insights for personal growth and professional development.

In our latest series, Spotlights by HRCap, we have identified the Top 10 Influential Speakers to follow in 2024. These speakers offer invaluable guidance and strategies to empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

In closing the AAPI Heritage Month, we highlight our Student Ambassador and Next-Gen Leadership Scholar, Ziyi Zhai. She reflects and shares her journey of becoming an HR diversity advocate and how the Student Ambassador Program has trained and strengthened her to become a leader with recruiting expertise and cultural competency.

With the changing work landscape and shifting talent trends, professionals need to prepare themselves with these 10 must-have work skills to stand out in the job market. From technological proficiency to leadership skills, we all need to develop these competencies that employers are prioritizing in the modern workforce.

In addition to offering Public HR Seminars dedicated to our Corporate Social Responsibility, we also provide customized HR Consulting and Recruiting Training to meet the unique needs of our VVIP clients looking to globalize and localize effectively. 

Our expert team provides Total HR Solutions to help our clients achieve their HR goals effectively. Request training and partner with us to drive organizational success and win the Talent War.

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