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Spotlights by HRCap: Top 10 Influential Speakers to Follow in 2024

Published by HRCap, Inc. on May 30, 2024

Public speakers play a pivotal role in inspiring change and motivating action across various fields and industries. From sharing personal stories to articulating data and complex concepts, speakers can leave a lasting impression, spark innovation, and encourage personal growth.

In our latest Spotlights by HRCap series, we have highlighted the Top 10 Influential Speakers who have significantly contributed to public speaking and inspired audiences worldwide. From renowned authors to visionary entrepreneurs, these top speakers have motivated and influenced numerous individuals to elevate their personal and professional lives.

Top 10 Influential Speakers of 2024

Tony Robbins is a world-renowned motivational speaker, author, and life coach celebrated for his transformative seminars and self-help books. Known for his dynamic speaking style and compelling personal development programs, Robbins has empowered millions to achieve personal and professional success. His self-help books, including "Awaken the Giant Within" and "Unlimited Power," have become classics in the field of self-improvement.

Due to his significant impact, Robbins has received numerous accolades, including being named Accenture's Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World, Harvard University’s 2003 Top 200 Business Gurus, and the International Chamber of Commerce’s top 10 Outstanding People of the World. American Express has also recognized him as one of the Top Six Business Leaders in the World for his expertise and influence.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, author, and internet personality known for his pioneering work in digital marketing and social media. As the co-founder of VaynerMedia and the creator of WineLibraryTV, Vaynerchuk has demonstrated a keen ability to leverage emerging platforms to build brand loyalty and drive sales. He has written five New York Times Bestsellers on topics ranging from brand development to business strategy.

Vaynerchuk's innovative business strategy has earned him several awards, including being named to Crain's New York Business' 2015 "40 Under 40" and Fortune's "40 Under 40" list.

Daymond John is an entrepreneur, investor, and television personality who is celebrated for his role as the founder and CEO of FUBU, a global fashion brand. He is also well-known as a "shark" on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank, where he invests in and mentors budding entrepreneurs.

John's contributions to business and entrepreneurship have earned him several prestigious awards, including the Brand Week Marketer of the Year, the Congressional Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship, the NAACP Entrepreneurs of the Year Award, and Ernst & Young’s New York Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He was also named one of Real Leaders Magazine’s 2022 Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World. President Obama has also named John a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship to help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Lorraine K. Lee is a prominent LinkedIn Learning instructor and keynote speaker recognized for her expertise in remote work and productivity. With a background in content strategy and leadership, she has been instrumental in guiding professionals and organizations in maximizing their efficiency and collaboration in a remote environment.

Lee has received numerous accolades and recognitions, including Influence Digest’s Top 15 LinkedIn Experts in San Francisco, ReadWrite’s 2021 Top Virtual Speaker, and WomenTech Network’s 2022 Women in Tech Global Conference Speaker of the Year.

Dr. Mark DeVolder is a change management expert, author, and speaker known for helping organizations and individuals embrace and navigate change. Focusing on resilience and engagement, DeVolder has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies to improve their change management strategies.

DeVolder's contributions have been recognized with awards, including the prestigious Top 5 Speaker Award U.S.A. in Business Management and the Top 10 Speaker Award in Change Management.

Jeff DeGraff is a professor, author, and thought leader in innovation and creativity and is known for his contributions to the field of business innovation. As a professor at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, DeGraff has inspired countless students and executives with his insights on creative thinking and organizational change.

For his excellence in teaching, DeGraff received the University of Michigan’s 2011 Voices of the Staff award. He is also a sought-after speaker and consultant at Fortune 500 companies and has been nicknamed the "Dean of Innovation” for his innovative growth strategies.

Lisa Teh is an entrepreneur, author, and digital marketing expert celebrated for her innovative approach to personal and business branding and online presence. As the co-founder of CODI Agency, Teh has helped numerous brands enhance their digital strategies and connect more effectively with their audiences.

Teh's achievements have earned her several awards, including Marketing In Asia’s 2024 Australian Women in Business Excellence Awards and Johnson Partners’ 2021 "40 Under 40" Most Influential Asian-Australian Awards.

Shama Hyder is a digital marketing pioneer, author, and speaker known for her expertise in social media and business trends. As the CEO of Zen Media, Hyder has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on their digital strategies and online branding.

As a result of her entrepreneurial spirit and success, she has received various awards, including the Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO award, Business Week’s 2009 “Top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25,” Inc. Magazine’s 2014 “Top 30 Under 30” Entrepreneurs in America, and Forbes’ 2015 “30 Under 30” for Marketing and Advertising.

Eric S. Thomas is an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker known for his storytelling and branding strategy. As a co-founder of Saga MKTG, a storytelling agency, he has worked with dozens of businesses and organizations to develop their brands. As the Former Chief Storyteller for the City of Detroit, he also helped connect Detroiters to resources to improve their quality of life.

Thomas has received numerous accolades and recognitions, such as the Crain’s 2016 "Twenty in their 20’s," Michigan Chronicle’s 2017 "Forty Under 40," the Spirit of Detroit Award, and Detroit Community Health Connection’s 2018 Karen Dumas Award.

Daniela V. Fernandez is an environmental advocate and founder of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) and is known for her dedication to ocean conservation and youth empowerment. Through SOA, Fernandez has mobilized young leaders and entrepreneurs to address critical issues facing the world's oceans.

Fernandez's impact has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including being named a Forbes’ 2019 "30 Under 30" Social Entrepreneur and receiving the Peter Benchley Ocean Award for Excellence in Solutions. She is also a sought-after speaker at global environmental forums, championing sustainable solutions for marine conservation.


The Top 10 Influential Speakers featured in our Spotlights by HRCap series all exhibit extraordinary public speaking skills and inspire those who listen. Through their various experiences and subject expertise, these influential speakers have shared powerful messages that have opened up fresh perspectives for their audiences. Their ability to connect with diverse groups, communicate complex ideas with clarity, and drive positive change is a testament to their profound impact. By learning from their journeys and insights, we can aspire to elevate our own communication abilities and continue fostering meaningful dialogues within our communities.

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