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Leadership Table Talk Series III - Learning and Development

Written by HRCap, Inc.

July 21, 2022

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. -Anthony J. D’Angelo (American author & founder of Collegiate EmPowerment)

Anthony J. D’Angelo shares that if people foster a passion for learning, their ability to grow will never stop. Learning does not stop at school, but continues in professional workplaces by expanding skillsets through available L&D opportunities to excel at their jobs.

Strong L&D programs can improve not only productivity but also job satisfaction and retention. A 2021 Gallup survey found that 71% of workers said that job training and development increased their job satisfaction and 61% say L&D opportunities are an essential reason to stay at their job.

In our third “Leadership Table Talk,” our Founder, President & CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, shares advice on how to grow as a recruiter and leader, how he is personally continuing to grow as a leader, and how his company promotes employee L&D.

1. What are 3 pieces of advice you would give to a recruiter today?

I can offer 3 small pieces of advice for recruiters:

Develop your communication skills. Our job requires that we continuously engage with candidates and clients, and build relationships grounded in trust. We continuously have to share and deliver important information to convince and move others to make important decisions about their careers and livelihoods. Written and spoken eloquence is extremely helpful as it builds credibility.

Be proactive. Recruiting is all about timing as it is about finding the right person and the right place at the right time. The best recruiters have a readily available candidate pool as they proactively develop their network. They study the market trends and truly understand the unique positions so that they can immediately tap into their candidate pool and easily reach out to candidates that they have formed strong relationships.

Be patient and passionate. Recruiting is not easy as the job heavily deals with people, not products or services. It requires a lot of dedication. It may take months to find the best-fit candidate. Processes can fall through even after offer acceptance. People can change their minds every millisecond. This is why passion and patience are increasingly important for recruiters to be successful.

2. What books would you recommend anybody to read? Why?

I recommend any books that will help with self-awareness and self-development. I personally enjoy reading about psychology so that I can gain a better understanding of how we think and why we act the way we do. This helps us better understand and empathize with others.

I also suggest that everyone stay updated on industry and market trends, and continue to deepen functional expertise to reskill and be relevant.

3. How do you continue your growth as a leader?

My continuous life mission is to remain relevant and be ahead as a thought leader. I spend a significant amount of time thinking and reflecting. I look back to plan ahead. I genuinely believe that the future is about learning. I remind myself where I started so that I can stay humble and continue to grow. I also enjoy networking because I am energized by building communities, bridging like-minded people, and giving back with my expertise. In doing so, I grow as a stronger leader by learning about various industries and widening my perspectives. I also try to listen to and understand the wants and needs of next-gen leaders and younger generations, so that I can learn from them and truly engage with them.

HRCap CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim and his Advisory Committee at NJBIZ ICON Awards

4. How does your company promote employee L&D?

HRCap deeply prioritizes and values learning and development as an organization with a strong growth mindset. We put a strong focus on professional development by offering “Professional Development Day Off” and “Learning & Development Reimbursement” coverages.

The company also designs quarterly corporate-wide workshops that train and educate employees on recruiting, desking, and HR skills, while also allowing for opportunities for cross-team collaboration and ideation generation. We also design Career Development and Strategic HR seminars for our global clients, government institutions, professional associations, and academia to educate the greater audiences and to give back to our communities.

The Digital Transformation team is focused on driving process improvement and market intelligence projects that equip recruiters with key HR market trends and designs data-driven solutions to be better recruiters and talent partners. We will continue to invest as a learning organization because we truly believe the future is about learning, not about what we already know.


It is no wonder that the CEO was awarded the NJBIZ ICON Honors because his innovative mindset, continual growth, and mentorship show the impact that he has on his industry and community. We hope to see leaders create strong L&D Programs to have a lasting impact on their organizations and develop more leaders to have a lasting impact on their industries.

Source: HRCap

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