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HRCap Successfully Hosts Interview Training Seminar (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #222, Sept. 2023)

With Stella H. Kim, CMO and Global VP, as the training seminar lecturer, HRCap hosts the 2023 Interview Training Online Seminar to give back to our community. She highlighted key issues often found during the hiring process, such as repercussions of asking illegal interview questions, cost of poor interviewing skills, and impact of negative candidate experience. By sharing unique and practical tips, HRCap provided a wealth of information on HR Compliance and received the warmest reception by the attendees. We look forward to continuing our CSR Training Initiatives.

Though conducting interviews is the most essential part of the hiring process, many hiring managers and business leaders are not trained to screen and ask the right questions. As a result, this has led to costly consequences that affect the company's reputation and bottom line. Everyone must be trained on how to interview to improve recruitment and avoid legal costs.

COLOR Magazine is hosting its 2023 Women of Color Leadership and Empowerment Conference (WOC) and has invited our CMO Stella H. Kim to share her unique HR expertise and leadership by presenting on Multigenerational and Multicultural Workforce Strategies. We invite everyone to RSVP for the complimentary conference on Thursday September 28 9-12PM ET.

HRCap released our 8th episode for Instatoons, covering our CMO Stella H. Kim's Korea Daily Expert Column on "6 MZ Generation Career Categories: (5) 'Observant Opportunists.'"

Follow us and come read to learn how to better attract and engage the MZ Gen workers.

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