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HRCap Successfully Hosts Complimentary Online Interview Training Seminar

Resounding Acclaim and Warmest Reception from Audience and Korean-American Community

Written by HRCap, Inc.

September 15, 2023

HRCap Interview Training Online Seminar

On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, HRCap successfully hosted a complimentary HR Compliance & Interview Training Online Seminar, covering crucial topics on interview compliance and cultural competency, as our commitment to sharing our thought leadership and giving back to our community as part of our ongoing CSR initiatives.

HRCap has been strongly advocating for the importance of Interview Training and has taken action to provide a complimentary online seminar in Korean for our client companies and the general public in hopes of educating and benefitting those who have never received training or have been seeking ways to improve the hiring process.

We sampled our HR Consulting and Training Program Curriculum, condensed the 3-hour Interview Training curriculum into 1 hour, and customized the content based on questions received upon sign-up. Of the 122 people who RSVP’ed and 96 people who attended the seminar, 34% were HR Executives/Recruiters, 22% were CEOs/Presidents, 15% were other C-suites, VPs, Partners, or General Managers, 24% were hiring managers, and 5% were media reporters. Attendees RSVP’ed and shared their organizational challenges and interview-related questions in advance.

HRCap Training Seminar Demographic

Our Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Executive Search practice, Stella H. Kim, spoke and presented on the 3 critical issues stemming from lack of proper interview training: Repercussions of Asking Illegal Interview Questions, the Cost of Bad Hires Due to Poor Interviewing Skills, and the Impact of Negative Candidate Experience.

Stella covered critical topics and addressed commonly asked Questions ranging from laws related to the hiring process, salary history restrictions, state-specific laws, unconscious biases, reasonable accommodations, and offer process precautions. Due to the complicated nature of U.S. labor laws unique to each state and local district, Stella shared a list of questions that would violate the EEOC laws and presented alternative options to probe instead to avoid costly discriminatory lawsuits and improve upon the candidate vetting process. She also provided practical tips and HRCap-specific insights on improving the interview process and candidate experience. She addressed the questions received prior to the seminar, went over the latest compliance trends specific to overtime and salary transparency, and shared best practices when managing salary negotiations.


After the training seminar, HRCap received resounding acclaim and the warmest reception from the audience and the greater Korean-American Community. Attendees shared glowing reviews on the presentation and followed up with official requests on our consulting and recruiting services to reflect and apply what they have learned from the Online Seminar.

  • Thank you for hosting a much needed seminar. It was informative and very helpful. I wish I had my entire leadership team attend so they could take advantage of this training.

  • The seminar was really helpful with excellent content. The speaker was very organized and well-spoken. It was very easy to follow along.

  • Thank you for making the difficult and heavy topic easier to understand. I learned so much.

  • I enjoyed the seminar very much. My experience as both a candidate and an employer really proved to be helpful for understanding the content.

  • The seminar was a great help. Thank you so much for volunteering your time and providing this great training for free. I appreciate all the work you do for our company’s recruiting and hope to request consulting sessions in the future.

We are honored and encouraged that those who attended found the training seminar to be beneficial. At HRCap, we understand the critical role that interview training plays in building resilient teams and compliant organizations. We hope to continue to provide personalized training and customized consulting services to our clients and add value to their businesses and global workforces by improving the hiring process, candidate experience, and employee engagement.

If you are interested in learning about our training programs, please contact us at

Source: HRCap


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