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HRCap CEO 2023 New Year Message

HRCap’s Business Priorities and Objectives for 2023

Written by HRCap, Inc.

January 4, 2023

"In order for us to emerge as an HR Magnet and true champion in the global market, we must embrace the new rules of endless competition within the current 'Winner-Takes-All' market and showcase the qualities, capabilities, and competitive edge of an inclusive market leader."

As our work environment evolves to maximize efficiency and productivity following the pandemic, survival and emergency management systems have become our priorities.

We found that complete restructuring of business and workforce is necessary to overcome the uncertainties of a global recession. We looked into creating a work environment that focuses attention on understanding and driving Generational Shifts, Client/Employee Experience, Work-Life Balance, Hiring and Retaining Top Talent, and Building a Performance-Based Organization.

We have implemented an agile organizational structure that allows competitive business choices with daring execution. These strategies to overcome organizational issues and proactively prepare for the future are keys to future survival. Externally, HRCap will proactively respond, communicate and maintain trustworthy relationships based on shifts in the global talent market and client business. Internally, HRCap will drive greater client experience, build an infrastructure for digital platforms, and maintain a business foundation and a competitive organizational power. Our 2023 management policy will be focused on "driving client experience and digital transformation.”

Three Business Priorities

Business Priority 1: Expansion of Client Value & Performance Management through Digital CRM Platforms

Our first objective of 2023 is to provide CRM-integrated management and industry-oriented tailored Client experience communication solutions. We will improve client communication satisfaction and integrated CRM management of touch point activities, as well as develop and procure job consulting and personnel management services to offer solutions.

The second objective is to expand our global market by delivering top-notch satisfaction for our loyal clients and finding new, capable clients. We will strengthen our strategies and execution capabilities to respond to and improve client satisfaction for our loyal clients, as well as reactivate inactive client service, secure new and capable clients, and maximize our business performance.

Business Priority 2: Focus on Digital Transformation and Brand Value to Enhance Future Competitiveness

Our third objective is to strengthen our competitive advantage over HR markets and client experience management through organized digital marketing. HRCap will manage CRM and DX information across the whole value chain and extensive data operations. For business and service products, we will focus on client and employee experience, our ERP, and various activities on social media networks. As for our business process and system, we will center around business management, communication reporting systems, and virtual meetings. Preparation for digital platforms and DX/AI big data is also underway, which will be provided for dedicated organizations, business partners, etc.

The fourth objective is to centralize the operation of the CRM business system and proactively manage digital brand value. We will strengthen our digital information management and our business communication centers and maintain awareness of job market leaders. We will also participate in various CSR campaign activities to enhance our employer branding image that values shared growth.

Business Priority 3: Development of Organizational Capabilities and Ownership Driven Agile Workforce Culture

Our fifth objective of the year is to support learning and development to strengthen the personal competency of agile organizations and expand organizational competitiveness. Each team will secure 200% of high-quality professional talent and strengthen our agile organizational competitiveness. We will also regulate learning and development for employees to strengthen personal market value/competitiveness.

Lastly, our sixth objective is to establish a performance-oriented management culture of hiring and developing leaders and high-potential talent. HRCap will foster business and management leaders with the expertise and potential to drive change. We will demonstrate a keen eye for business, client communication, bold/daring challenges, rapid innovation, problem-solving solutions, etc. We will also aim to actively secure professional talent/foster/implement performance-oriented organizational culture for appointed personnel.


In 2023, let us firmly position HRCap as a leading Executive Search Firm, establish ourselves as the “unrivaled Asian American Total HR Solutions Provider with global competitiveness,” and exhibit inspiring and empathetic leadership.

We shall focus on managing our brand to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and role as an HR magnet. With a magnet-like attraction we remained committed to our clients, candidates, and communities, and attract all with synergy, adhesion, coexistence, empathy, trust, and leadership.

We will maintain industry-oriented, best-of-the-best services, the latest digital systems, the best professionals, and high-quality brand awareness to consistently create client value by focusing on client experience and future growth preparations as well. As such, we will leverage the latest industry technologies, empower and strengthen our professionals, activate global brand awareness, and provide best-of-the-best services available. With HRCap’s unique competitive DNA that continuously excels, our agile organization and growth ecosystem will proactively define and competitively lead the industry.

In order for us to emerge as an HR magnet and true champion in the global market, we must embrace the new rules of endless competition within the current “Winner-Takes-All” market and showcase the qualities, capabilities, and competitive edge of an inclusive market leader. With our heightened focus on Client Experience and Digital Transformation, we are committed to guaranteeing the highest client satisfaction and shifting the paradigm for greater innovation. Through digital platform activities and social engagements, we will strive to create lifetime value and maintain win-win partnerships with the best possible services optimized to meet company expectations and demands.

In conclusion, for us to evolve into a market-leading Global Total HR Solutions Provider that fully realizes our own vision for 2023, I hope that each and every one of us can take our courageous spirit, collaborative engagement, and magnetizing passion with us to manage any challenges that come our way. We hope everyone takes special care of their mental and physical health and overall safety in the coming year and look forward to journeying together.

Source: HRCap


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