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How to communicate in a virtual world

When we virtually communicate with others, it is harder to see their emotions. Therefore, communication skills in the digital world have become more important than ever to stay connected with colleagues and the community. Read on to learn how to communicate successfully in the virtual world and strengthen your communication skills!

1. Think clearly before you send professional messages.

Work can be frustrating, but make sure not to be passive-aggressive in making important communications. Plan and think through ahead.

2. Be considerate of others and their experiences

Carry your audience with you and use your understanding of what things must be like in their perspectives to help you shape your messaging.

3. Aim to be a reflective listener.

Become approachable and accessible by simply being a good listener. Listening can also help you gain more insights and make better decisions about the quality of information you receive.

4. Be mindful of miscommunication.

Prevent miscommunications with your colleagues by picking up the phone or asking to discuss virtually. Texts and emails can be effective, but are also more likely to cause misunderstandings.

5. Make your communications sound authentic.

Make your message brief, clear, and easy to understand, so that others can understand you and trust you. You want to show that you have used your expertise to filter information for them.

Source: Glassdoor

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