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Focus on CI After EI (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #227, Oct. 2023)

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim writes her tenth Korea Daily expert column on the importance of Cultural Intelligence and how it can foster an organizational culture promoting not only equity and inclusion, but also high performance and sustainable growth.

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim was recently interviewed by Media 7 - Human Resources Report. In the interview, she talks about how her focus is driving glocalization through strategic talent, building a culture of learning, and bridging cultures and generations through genuine appreciation and seamless integration.

As companies prepare for employees to come back to the office, it's essential to look at the workplace differently. Employers should aim to create an environment where employees are not forced to come in but actually want to be there by implementing these 8 meaningful strategies to encourage employees to return to the office.

At HRCap, we are partnering with clients actively investing in critical talent and entering new global markets. As the largest Asian American Executive Search & HR Consulting firm, we strive to continue to provide the best HR services for all our clients, globally and locally.

We are actively investing in growing our teams, especially in our regional branch offices in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. We welcome those interested to apply to join our elite HR group.

October Insight 1: The 2023 Indeed study identified top in-demand college majors in the United States for a fulfilling and prosperous career. After analyzing market research with candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, HRCap identified the current market status of the top 10 in-demand undergraduate majors among active candidates as Business Administration (37.3%), Computer Science (18.1%), Finance (10.1%), Information Science (9.3%), Accounting (8.0%), Mathematics (5.8%), Physical Therapy (4.0%), Nursing (2.7%), Medical Assisting (2.5%), and Culinary Arts (2.2%).

We empower all students to follow their passions while also making informed decisions in line with current labor market trends for a fruitful career growth.

We also encourage students interested in or currently studying Business Administration, Human Resources or any related interdisciplinary subjects to apply to HRCap’s inaugural National Certified Student Ambassador Program to gain actionable skills and experience to kickstart a career in the HR industry.

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