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Proceeding with the "New Normal" of Work Modalities (Issue #133)

[HRCap Blog] Proceeding with the "New Normal" of Work Modalities

Insights from our client companies and their strategies for workplace arrangements

In working closely with our clients on everything from Executive Recruiting to Leadership Coaching, to Organizational Consulting to Succession Planning over the past few months, we have found that many now feel certain on how to proceed with the "new business normal". Some are taking a far more precautionary approach, using employee surveys and market data to inform decisions and to adjust their business model. On the contrary, a few have simply reverted back to pre-pandemic work setups.

We have organized the strategic rationale behind why client institutions have proactively embraced remote/hybrid work, or why they have not yet executed a remote/hybrid work model.

[Company Highlight] HRCap recognized at the

NJBIZ 2021 Best Places to Work in NJ Awards

The Executive Team and select members from each representing teams at HRCap will be attending the NJBIZ 2021 Best Places to Work in NJ Awards on September 9, 2021.

{ Motivational Quote of the Week }

Life is an eternal journey of growth, no matter where you've been. Whether you're going through a rough patch or thriving in your new job, it's crucial to be hopeful, humble, and as Winston Churchill suggests, ready to move on to your next goal.

{ HR Insights on Work Modality }

On account of the pandemic and the new conditions it has established, there is now more flexibility in work location and work-from-home policies. SHRM anticipates a shift in flexibility from location to time as the year progresses.

Q. Does your organization allow for hybrid work engagements? Flex time?

{ HR Insights on Work Modality }

Since the onset of the pandemic, many companies have been making the transition from in-person to remote work. Though the number is still relatively low, the share of companies in the world that are 100% remote is on the rise with the continuation of the pandemic, and leaders all over the world are currently in an ambiguous debate over whether they should prioritize the productivity that comes from face-to-face interaction over their employees' physical wellbeing.

Q. What is the current situation with your organization? Remote? Hybrid? Onsite?

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