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Co-creating HRCap's Evolving Corporate Brand Identity

Review of our November HRCap Company-Wide Employee Workshop

Written by HRCap, Inc.

November 23, 2021

On Friday, November 19, 2021, HRCap resumed our U.S. Company-Wide Employee Workshop at our Headquarters Training Room. The main objective of the workshop was to come together on our brand identity by co-defining and co-creating the evolving meaning behind our HRCap Name and Logo.

Given our significant business growth, geographical expansion, and digital transformation over the past 20 years, it was essential for us to collectively reflect on our company’s journey thus far and refresh our working knowledge of our corporate growth trajectory. We needed to take a pause together in order to co-envision, co-define, and co-build our brand identity for our company’s future.

In the ideation segment of the workshop, all our team members were divided into groups with varying levels of seniority, tenure, and functions to allow for more creative exchange of ideas. We were able to reflect and discuss openly about what the name HRCap and our logo image symbolizes. Members with greater tenure were able to bring to the table reflections from the past and transformations that took place. Newer members of the team brought fresh outlooks and pinpointed ways to stay relevant in the ever changing business market. We ideated on how we could best strengthen our core capabilities, expand service offerings, and adapt to lead the market with our unique brand and value proposition.

According to Harvard Business Review, there are 9 general Brand Types, which are strategic ways brands compete and are relatively positioned to each other. In our July Workshop, we reviewed each type, discussed our mission and values, and have surveyed our organization to identify and co-define our unique Brand Type as Performance x Experience. Performance brand type produces products or services that deliver superior performance and dependability; Experience brand type is differentiated by the experience it offers, as much as or more than by the product or service it offers.

This month’s workshop allowed us to further solidify our unique brand type and ensure that we have been delivering our brand’s mission over the years. We reinforced our company’s mission, ideated on our service delivery and value proposition, and reflected on areas of growth by asking ourselves:

  1. How have we transformed our customer experience with customized touch-points and deepened understanding of the client business and candidate market?

  2. How have we delivered on the highest-quality service with industry-leading digital talent strategies, talent development investments, and unmatched spirit of excellence?

  3. How have we abided by our core values of speed, quality, collaboration, and value creation?

We all agree that when our partners hear the HRCap name and see the HRCap logo, they see a trusted brand that they can rely on and expect top-notch customized service from. Our clients and candidates have expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with our services, noting our “excellent service,” “personalized engagement,” “responsiveness,” “attention to detail," "integrity and transparency,” and “professionalism and sincerity.” We will continue to widen our scope and deepen our expertise to establish a globally recognized and trusted brand for all our clients, candidates, and community.

We look forward to our next Company-Wide Employee workshop and Holiday party in December!

Source: HRCap, Harvard Business Review


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