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Skills as a Currency (Issue #166)

Skills are constantly changing due to the continual digital transformation that takes place, and relevant skills are becoming the new currency at organizations. As such, it is important to take inventory of the existing skills, so that companies can invest and future-proof their workforce.

Read our featured blog to learn the process of skills gap analysis.

We had launched our first-ever scholarship in May, and have received a successful turnout of over 180 submissions. We are astounded by the number of diverse applicants from various cultural backgrounds, cities, and schools and how they have displayed leadership in their communities.

Read more to see the background of some of our scholarship applicants and how HRCap's scholarship panel will be reviewing and judging the winners.

The Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRDK) has invited HRCap's Managing Director, Stella H. Kim, to speak on the Great Retention and Predictions for Top 2023 HR Trends at their 2022 HR Development Conference!

Learn more about how you can participate from September 15 to September 16, 2022.

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Getting a certification will help deepen your expertise and may lead to greater career growth opportunities. Consider getting a certification to demonstrate and validate your capabilities.

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Instead of doing work that we find frustrating, demanding, or monotonous, we should find and build a career that we can truly enjoy and take pride in.

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HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #166, September 2022

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