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Road to Employment in the United States

The Road to Employment in the United States guidebook was successfully completed on 12/10/2018, after nine months of collaboration, research, and design. The process began in early 2018, when the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York reached out to HRCap to collaborate on an informative guidebook for Korean international students looking for employment in the United States. To appeal to a wider audience, HRCap created a 150 page guidebook containing both an English and Korean translation of the employment process. Not only is the book geared toward Korean international students, but also written for anyone looking for a new job opportunity or career transition. 

The guidebook is an accumulation of the expertise, insights, and know-hows of our CEO Sungsoo Andrew Kim and HRCap's seasoned recruiters. Our industry leading experts and HR advisors have also reviewed and commented on the various aspects of the guidebook. The book also contains case studies of real-life employment success stories and various tips related to the employment process in the United States. 

Throughout the next couple of months, this guidebook will be distributed, both physically and digitally, to all who require step by step assistance in their road to employment. We are planning on distributing the guidebook to multiple colleges and universities, Korean associations and groups, and candidates within the HRCap database. Additionally, for the next couple of months, we will also be releasing a special monthly Newsletter that will focus on each step of the employment process highlighted in the guidebook.

For anyone who is interested in receiving a digital copy of the Road to Employment in the United States guidebook, please contact us directly at

The Korea Daily - KOSEM Column '몸값' 올리는 커리어 관리 전략 5 by: HRCap CEO, Sung Soo Andrew Kim

The November 30, 2018 issue of The Korea Daily featured an article in their KOSEM Column by our CEO, Sung Soo Andrew Kim. The article details the 5 necessary components of raising one's "Market Value" in their chosen career. He lists and goes into details the following 5 necessities:

     1. Growing Competence – Ongoing skills building and professional development is critical for continued success.

     2. Managing Time – Time management and organizational skills are essential for increased productivity and greater task execution.

     3. Maintaining Good Health –   A healthy mind and body will lead to a more positive energy and atmosphere in your workplace.

     4. Networking – A strong professional network that you can reach out to and rely on is an invaluable asset and fortune.

     5. Developing a Strong Personal Brand – Your reputation and personal brand is as important as your individual achievements in the office.

The article discusses how to stay relevant in a fast-paced world to stand out and get ahead in your career. By utilizing and applying these 5 aspects, you will be able to raise your market value, drive greater results, and find meaningful fulfillment in your career.  Please read the full article at:

HRCap 16th Year Sponsor of

KSEA NY Metro Chapter Math/Science Olympiad

On November 17, 2018, the KSEA New York Metropolitan Chapter successfully held its 25th KSEA Math Science Olympiad (KMSO) at St. John's University in Jamaica, NY. This year marked the 16th year HRCap has served as a partner and sponsor for the KMSO. The KMSO states that the intent of the Olympiad is “to promote and nurture the curious young minds in their pursuit of challenge, to help them discover the joy of science and math, as well as to provide mentoring and sense of community”. This year, the KMSO consisted of a "Science Olympiad" and "Math Olympiad" for participating students while a separate "Parents Program" was also provided for the students' parents. The Olympiad continues to provide a meaningful outlet to younger generation to explore and gain genuine interest in science and math. These events not only benefit the Korean-American community but also the bright future of rising scientists and mathematicians. 2018 has marked the turning point year not only where HRCap continued our 16th year sponsorship for KMSO and KSEA events, but also where HRCap served as a critical partner to KSEA. In January, we were a corporate sponsor for Ygnite 2018. In May, we partnered with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York to organize the first Road to Employment Career Seminar with KSEA’s collaboration. In August, we kicked off the first ever Public Session at UKC (US-Korea Conference) in New York. We look forward to strengthening our partnership for greater events in 2019.

READ THE FULL NEWSLETTER HERE:  HRCap E-Newsletter (December 2018)


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