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On Becoming an Indispensable Modern Leader with Subject Expertise and Learning Agility (HRCap Newsletter Issue #258 - May 23, 2024)

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim wrote her fifth Korea Daily expert column of 2024 on how becoming a subject expert is crucial to gaining an edge in today's job market. She encourages professionals to specialize early, build niche expertise with unique thought leadership, and continuously learn and adapt to become an indispensable talent.

In light of AAPI Heritage Month, we highlight our Student Ambassador and Next-Gen Leadership Scholar, Ziyi Zhai. She reflects and shares her journey of becoming an HR diversity advocate and how the Student Ambassador Program has trained and strengthened her to become a leader with recruiting expertise and cultural competency.

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May 2024 Insight: The May 2024 Quad Education report identified top 20 in-demand degrees according to median salary, career paths, and growth projection data. After analyzing market research with candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, HRCap identified the top 5 bachelor’s degrees among the current active candidate pool as: Business Management (41.0%), Computer Science (26.5%), Finance (16.9%), Information Technology (11.8%), and Nursing (3.8%).

Research from Indeed also suggests top 15 career paths for those with Business Management degrees as: Client Services Manager, Sales Representative, Project Manager, Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, Business Manager, Community Manager, Staff Accountant, Marketing Manager, Logistics Manager, Account Executive, Data Analyst, Business Consultant, Management Analyst, and Development Director.

While this data confirms the demand for business and technology-oriented specialization, it also highlights the rising competition for these degree programs because of their career prospects.

We empower students to conduct research into which majors are in demand and what kinds of career prospects they may translate into to make informed decisions in line with current labor market trends for a fruitful career growth.

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month by following the Top 12 AAPI Business Leaders of 2024. These leaders are making a significant impact through innovative business development and empowering community engagement. Join us in recognizing their achievements.

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