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HRCap E-Newsletter (January 2018)

[Korea Daily - KOSEM Column] CEO Annual Greeting

HRCap CEO Andrew Kim's corporate annual New Year greeting was published in the KOSEM column in the Korea Daily, both online and in print. CEO Kim views 2018 as a year of Growth of Innovation and Confidence. The following four key drivers are essential for Innovation Growth and Self-Confidence:

    - Best-in-class global niche market branding

    - Premium business service & client satisfaction level

    - Highest sales & profit achievement

    - Top talent performance

Further information can be found in the published article through the following URLs: In English: In Korean:

KOSEM (재미주재원클럽) 10 Year Anniversary

Image courtesy of Korea Daily

2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of KOSEM (Korean Overseas Service Employee Member). KOSEM was founded in 2007 with the mission of creating a strong business network for the Korean-American community. KOSEM is now comprised of over one hundred professional from various industry background and functional expertise, and the members have meaningfully collaborated to diversify, deepen and strengthen the Korean-American footprint across various industries in the US. KOSEM’s 10 year anniversary celebration event was held on December 18, 2017 with over 80 attendees (members & family). Additionally, KOSEM also released a book that meaningfully commemorates the past 10 years through achievements noted through press articles and insights authored from various subject matter expert members over the years.

Image courtesy of Korea Times

While celebrating this milestone, KOSEM looks forward expanding within the Korean-American community and building on the knowledge and experiences of members for greater future growth. The goal is not only to influence the Korean-American job market, but also to expand into the American job market as well. KOSEM hopes to bring in more female professionals and 1.5, 2nd generation Korean-American members to widen their network, capacity and perspectives. Social media usage charity events and public gatherings are being planned for greater awareness and expansion. The founding president of KOSEM and CEO of HRCap, Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, has recently stated that "KOSEM is rooted on the unique themes and various issues that affect the Korean-American community. Since all members have served in the corporate world of Korean-American companies and experienced settling down in the United States, they can share first-hand knowledge and insight that is much more realistic and meaningful."

HRCap 15th Year Sponsor of KSEA NY Metro Chapter Math/Science Olympiad

On November 18, 2017, the KSEA New York Metropolitan Chapter successfully held its 24th KSEA Math Science Olympiad at Queens College. This year was also the 15th year HRCap has served as a partner and sponsor for KMSO. According to KMSO (KSEA NY Metro Chapter Math/Science Olympiad), the intent of the Olympiad is “to promote and nurture the curious young minds in their pursuit of challenge, to help them discover the joy of science and math, as well as to provide mentoring and sense of community”. KMSO also engages young professionals and students in STEM and provides an outlet for them to volunteer and share their passion and expertise in the science and engineering field. Participating students are encouraged to interact with these professionals to deepen their curiosity and interest in math and science. Parents are also invited to panel lectures that discuss the Importance of Mathematics Education and the Global Education in Korea. The Olympiad continues to provide a meaningful outlet to younger generation to explore and gain genuine interest in science and math. These events not only benefit the Korean-American community but also the bright future of rising scientists and mathematicians.

5 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2018

Artificial intelligence (A.I) has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. With various companies releasing “smart” devices, we cannot go a day without being exposed to A.I. Machines are now able to outperform tasks that normally required human intelligence and interaction. With society leaning toward a more autonomous structure, A.I will continue to be prevalent and predominant in our everyday life. According to Forbes, the following five areas are likely to see growth in 2018.

      - Data-Driven Machines: with the steady growth of data produced by Internet of Things (IoT), businesses will be turning to machine learning to process, trend, and analyze the information

      - More Human-like Help: examples such as A.I chat bots and other virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home

      - Siri – And Other Tech – Will Hear You Better: advancement in conversational technology where emotional sensitivity will be recognized and even translational functions to provide seamless communication between languages

      - Smart Automation Continues: continued growth in retail product delivery, machine maintenance, energy conservation, and personalized marketing experience

      - A.I Adoption Will Continue To Grow: A.I will continue to be integrated into everyday life. It is not going anywhere

We would like to take this time to express our sincerest appreciation for your trust and loyalty. We are deeply grateful for your support and partnership, and extend our best wishes for a blessed holiday season and a happy new year. 2017 was a year of meaningful growth for HRCap. We strengthened our partnerships with existing clients and prospected new clients in emerging markets. We widened and deepened our network from entry to executive levels across various industries and functional specialties around the globe. We successfully placed key candidates for critical roles at Fortune 500 companies in both the United States and Korea. We expanded our footprint at various cultural associations and industry organizations. We remain committed to our goal of becoming the top Asian Global Executive Search Firm in the U.S and will continuously strive to exceed our clients' expectation through premium quality and exceptionally timely services. We truly appreciate your continued support and partnership, and look forward to bringing greater service to you throughout 2018 and beyond. Happy New Year from HRCap!

READ THE FULL NEWSLETTER HERE: HRCap E-Newsletter (January 2018)


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