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KOCHAM Employment Seminar

On August 23, 2018, KOCHAM (Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in USA) held an Employment Seminar at Double Tree hotel in Fort Lee, New Jersey. HRCap Director and Global Team Lead Stella H. Kim, SPHR and Kim, Cho & Lim, LLC Partner Attorney Joshua Lim, ESQ were invited to speak on seminar topics that ranged from "New Jersey’s Equal Pay Law" to "Competitive Employee Hiring Process".

Director Kim presented to a diverse audience of corporate executives, HR leadership, and recruiting managers on the Guide to the Competitive Employee Hiring Process. She highlighted 6 key challenges that recruiters face during the hiring process today:

     - Reacting to Candidate Driven Market

     - Finding Shortage of High Quality Talent

     - Attracting and Retaining Millennial Candidates

     - Satisfying Picky Hiring Managers and Meeting Demand for Quick Hires

     - Overcoming Unpleasant Candidate Interview Experiences

     - Losing Best Candidates to Multiple Job Offers

Director Kim referenced key market studies, workforce surveys, and her own extensive experiences in executive recruiting, HR development and workforce planning to address the problems facing each of these challenges and elaborated on how to effectively address them.

She concluded by providing 7 essential requirements for a successful hiring process:

     - Strengthen Employer Branding & Communications

     - Align on a Clear Job Description

     - Secure Stakeholder Buy In

     - Ensure Collaboration between Business Leaders and HR

     - Conduct Effective Candidate Screening for Fit, Expertise, and Potential

     - Execute Flexibility to Tailor the Hiring Experience for Each Candidate

     - Present a Competitive Offer, Upfront

For a copy of Director Stella Kim’s Guide to the Competitive Employee Hiring Process presentation or further consultation on addressing these unique hiring challenges, please email us directly at

2018 HRCap Corporate Workshop

The 2018 HRCap Corporate Workshop was held on September 7 through September 8 offsite at Bushkill, Pennsylvania.

The two day Workshop provided an essential opportunity for HRCap to come together and regroup from a busy year of executive recruiting, new business development, government projects, national conferences, career seminars and job fairs. Each employee expressed and shared their inputs for their own career development and the future growth of HRCap by:

     - Celebrating our growth, wins, and success for 2018

     - Reflecting, brainstorming and setting strategic goals for 2019

     - Relaxing and building camaraderie within and across teams 

Day 1 of the Workshop consisted of "thinking" exercises. For the first activity, all employees came together to conduct a final review of the Road to Employment Guidebook, which has been in the making since early 2018. This guidebook is a special mission project with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York, to help all audiences at unique phases throughout their road to employment for seeking jobs or making career transitions. The book is written in both English and Korean, and the content is now a culmination of career lectures and seminar topics that were covered in the "2018 New York Road to Employment Career Seminar" in May 2018 and the "UKC Public Session 2018 - Career Seminar" in August 2018. The guidebook walks the readers through the complete employment process from start (preparation and self-assessment) to finish (first day on the job and ongoing transition), with unique HRCap industry and subject expert advice and case studies. The final review and additional inputs have deepened and strengthened the content for our guidebook, which is expecting final completion and publication this year.

The second activity was a Design Thinking Exercise, engaging each employee to brainstorm and provide their input related to a common goal – "How to grow HRCap". This activity allowed everyone to discuss the current systems and processes in place, share their individual and team goals, and identify what specific action items and strategic investments will help HRCap meaningfully and realistically scale up in 2019 and beyond.

Day 2 of the Workshop consisted of a physical activity. The company spent the morning hiking at Bushkill Falls. The physical act of hiking was a welcomed change to all the thinking from Day 1, and also allowed us to relax and take in the scenery as a group. Cooking and BBQ, board games and Karaoke also set the tone for relaxation, bonding and appreciation.

HRCap will continue invest in our people to strengthen our brand and deepen our expertise so that we may add greater value to our clients and community.

READ THE FULL NEWSLETTER HERE:  HRCap E-Newsletter (September 2018)


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