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Industry Leaders Focus on Investing in Growth Strategies, Not Just Survival (HRCap Newsletter Issue #263 - June 26, 2024)

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer, Stella H. Kim, writes her sixth Korea Daily expert column of 2024 on the different phases of the business life cycle and how companies must continue to grow during the maturity phase through ongoing learning, development, and investments. Stella highlights companies will not only survive but thrive as industry leaders with continual growth.

Influential tech entrepreneurs ignite creativity and drive technological advancements. In our latest series, Spotlights by HRCap, we have identified the Top 12 Tech Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2024 who have made waves in the tech industry, especially here in the United States. These leading tech entrepreneurs have paved the way for greater innovation and continue to empower others towards further technological advancement.

As companies continue to attract and hire top talent, developing a comprehensive recruiting strategy is essential and critical for growth. 

Organizations should optimize and enhance their recruiting plan with these 10 key elements to build a strong workforce.

June 2024 Insight: Indeed identified the Top 10 master’s degrees for a strong job outlook according to average salaries and relevant occupations. After analyzing market research with candidate feedback and LinkedIn data, HRCap identified the Top 5 master’s degrees acquired among the current active candidate pool as: Computer Science (34.8%), Business Administration (28.3%), Information Technology (14.2%), Economics (11.8%) and Finance (10.9%). 

The research also suggests Top 15 career paths for those with Computer Science master’s degrees, which confirms the rising value of identifying one’s specialty while gaining work experience. Once candidates identify their core specialty and genuine passion, they invest in further training and education to upskill and reskill for enhanced career path opportunities. 

Our SVP, Head of Americas & Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim’s May Expert Column with Korea Daily (JoongAng Ilbo) echoes this point and discusses how becoming a subject expert is crucial to gaining an edge in today's job market.

We encourage students and young professionals considering further education to carefully research their marketability and career prospects to effectively advance their careers while also pursuing their passions.

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