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HRCap Ranks Top 3 Speakers at HRD Conference

Looking Onwards to Providing Greater Subject Expertise with Partnerships

Written by HRCap, Inc.

October 27, 2022

On October 27, 2022, HRCap CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim, Korea Country Manager Hyuncheol Kim, and Managing Director & Head of DX Stella H. Kim met with Executives at the HR Development Service of Korea (HRDK) to recap the 2022 HR Development Conference and discuss future partnerships between HRDK and HRCap.

The 16th HR Development Conference “Future-Proofing with Skills Development (직업능력개발, 오늘과 내일을 잇다)” was proven successful with an amazing turnout of Talent Executives from corporations and academic institutions, leading subject experts in the HR industry, and all those interested in the field of HR. A total of 7,167 people attended the conference this year, an 18.5% increase from the previous year of 6,048 people, which was the first year they held globally in a hybrid setting for both onsite at Seoul COEX Grand Ballroom and online, globally.

Based on a post-conference survey, the average rating of satisfaction out of 5 points was 4.25 points with 99.4% indicating they would participate again next year, either online and offline.

The audience also rated the quality of each lecture and speaker. Out of 3 keynote speakers and 20 unique sessions, HRCap’s Stella Kim’s HRM track session “In the Era of Post-Pandemic & Great Resignation: 2023 Top 10 HR Talent Trends” ranked first among all 20 sessions, and rated top 3 insightful lectures along with keynote speakers Ben Nelson’s “In Durable Skills We Trust (or Not)” and Seung Won Yoon’s “Skilling: What, Why, & How Master Key to Connect Past, Present, & Future”.

Audiences commented on how insightful it was to look ahead to 2023 and learn about the global top 10 HR trends with HRCap’s unique case studies backed by credible data-based projections. Many found her session to be highly informative and relatable given current market challenges, and shared they were eager to go apply the insights gained at their respective workplaces.

HR Insight Covers 2023 Top 10 HR Trends Lecture

The Editor of Chief of HR Insight (owned by JoongAng Economy Co. (주)중앙경제) also attended Stella’s session and requested to feature her 2023 Top 10 HR Trends session as the top 3 insightful lectures worth covering for their October Publication. JoongAng Economy Co. has 30 years of rich history providing leading publications and press releases, labor training, and corporate consulting to more than 7,000 corporate members in South Korea, and is well known for its magazine publications providing leading insights on topics of Labor Law, HR Development, and HR Management.

In a follow-up meeting with the Editor of Chief on October 18, 2022, HRCap and HR Insight discussed partnership engagements for corporate HR seminars, career development lectures, and column writing using HRCap data-based trends of the Global HR Market and Talent Industry.


We are proud of our Managing Director for effectively representing HRCap as a subject expert and proven industry leader through her presentation, and are not surprised that her insightful session was well received by the host & sponsoring institutions, media leaders, and the mass audience.

Stella will be speaking on the topic of “Equity and New Organizational Culture of Millennials and Generation Z” at the 17th Hankyung Global HR Forum that will be taking place in Seoul on November 2, 2022. Once again, she will be sharing data-based insights and her recruiting expertise to speak on 6 unique career development trends of the MZ generation.

HRCap is committed to sharing deeper industry expertise and thought leadership to help advance the Global HR industry, and excited to partner with both HRDK and HR Insight Magazine in meaningful ways to give back by advancing greater learning & development.

Source: HRCap, HRDK, HR Insight


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