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HRCap Speaks at the 2022 Global HR Forum in Seoul

Invitation to Register and Attend One of the Largest HR Forums in the World

Written by HRCap, Inc.

September 29, 2022

Significance of Global HR Forum

Global HR Forum was established in 2006 by the Korea Economic Daily, the Ministry of Education, and the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training. Every year, the forum collaborates globally to improve the education, training, and utilization of human resources by addressing the main challenges that countries face regarding talent development.

In the past, Global HR Forum has brought together global leaders to speak on various topics ranging from Global HR Strategies, HR Solutions, Education, Digital Transformation, ESG, Talent Development, and Artificial Intelligence. Some past notable speakers include Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Jack Welch, and many others.

2022 Forum - “The Next Talent in the Era of Grand Transition”

In the past two years, the Global HR Forum took place in a hybrid setting with 200,000 participants from 35 different countries attending the Forum in 2021, and 100,000 participants from 25 countries attending in 2020. This year's 17th Global HR Forum will take place in person at Grand Walkerhill Seoul in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul from November 2 to 3, 2022.

Global HR Forum has partnered this year with Korean Council for University Education and the Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF). The theme of this year's forum is “The Next Talent in the Era of Grand Transition” to address the rapidly changing work landscape due to the spread of political conflict, the pandemic and its infectious disease, and the rapid scale-up of digital transformation. To adapt to these changes, various subject experts will gather to collectively identify global trends, discuss the impact, and provide practical solutions to better prepare the future workforce.

80 global leaders have been appointed to speak this year. They range from ministers of relevant global ministries, high-ranking officials from international organizations, CEOs and HR Executives, Presidents and academic experts of the world’s renowned universities, and leading representatives of HR agencies.

HRCap’s Engagement

Source: Global HR Forum, Session 6 Speakers

Stella H. Kim, our Managing Director of HRCap; Shin Jaeyong, Professor of Seoul National University Business School; and Tony Park, Head of Viva Republica’s People and Culture team will be presenting at Plenary Session 6 on the topic of “Equity and New Organizational Culture of Millennials and Generation Z.”

HRCap communicates with more than 1,000 candidates on a daily basis regarding recruiting and career changes. Through these interactions, HRCap understands what candidates’ priorities are when they are changing jobs. By empathizing with the MZ generation and better understanding the generational trends and expectations, HRCap is able to work closely with client groups to help attract candidates and retain employees of the MZ generation.

With her unmatched expertise as an executive recruiter, Stella will present 6 unique career trends and expectations of the Millennial and Z Generation “MZ Gen” identified over the recent 3 years.

How To Register

2022 Global HR Forum is fully sponsored and will be free of charge and open to the public.

The registration deadline is Wednesday, October 26, 2022, so make sure to register by the deadline.

Source: HRCap, Global HR Forum


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