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HRCap Managing Director Makes Best 50 Women in NJ

Stella H. Kim Recognized by NJBIZ for her Leading Expertise and Contributions to NJ

Written by HRCap, Inc.

September 22, 2022

NJBIZ 2022 has several awards programs, and one of its best-known events is NJBIZ 2022 Best 50 Women in Business. Since 2006, NJBIZ has recognized 50 best women in business for their awe-inspiring dedication and leadership in their respective industries and surrounding communities in the state of New Jersey. Throughout the history of NJBIZ Best 50 Women honorees, HRCap's Managing Director Stella H. Kim is one of the very few Asian Americans and Millennial Executives to be nominated and recognized for her work.

As a 1.5-generation female Asian American talent leader, Stella is highly dedicated to driving glocalization through key talent and learning investments and is passionate about bridging cultures and generations through appreciation, awareness, and acclimation. She believes that in order to effectively localize and globalize, organizations need multicultural leaders who can understand the market, maneuver all stakeholders, and drive transformational change.

Stella joined HRCap in 2016 to help HRCap become the best Asian-American Total HR Solutions firm, not just the largest Korean-American search firm. HRCap had previously focused our services in the U.S. and South Korea, but quickly expanded globally across North America, Europe, and APAC. In 2019, Stella founded and built the Executive Search Practice from the ground up, and turned the division into one of the fastest growing and most profitable divisions within HRCap in just 3 years. HRCap was named 2022 Top 10 Executive Search Firm by Manage HR Magazine. Stella also spearheads the Global Digital Transformation team focused on building and leading agile projects that help automate processes, drive synergy across teams and top client groups, conduct industry research, and help modernize and enhance the employee experiences at HRCap.

Stella with members of Executive Search Practice & Digital Transformation Teams at HRCap headquarters

"I am humbled by this recognition, and I truly owe it to HRCap and my amazing team." Stella continued, "They empower me and ignite me to see my career as a vocation and not a job. My ongoing vocational mission is to help futureproof the global recruiting industry, actively bridge cultures and generations, and advocate for minority groups to lead as future leaders."

All those who have worked closely with Stella know how tirelessly and compassionately she works as an executive recruiter and career coach:

Stella with HRCap President & CEO

Stella's energy and passion for her work are contagious. She keeps me honest and challenges me to become a better leader every day. I am so proud of her and wholeheartedly applaud her dedication to HRCap and our communities.

- President & CEO @ HRCap

Stella was the person who recruited me to Hyosung America and she’s helped me recruit countless more. She is a tireless worker and devoted to helping her clients. This award is completely deserved.

- EVP of Software & IT @ Hyosung

Stella models a modern style of leadership that combines an unyielding work ethic and relentless drive with a deep sense of purpose and care about her work. She has a rare ability to both challenge and support to lead change and transform individuals. She has grounded me through a critical career transition, and allowed me greater self-awareness to be a more effective leader. I am grateful for her thought partnership, loyalty, and forever friendship.

- Software Operations Executive @ Amazon

Stella leads the Executive Search Practice and heads the Global Digital Transformation Team at HRCap. Her teams reflect on her leadership and share what makes Stella stand apart from others:

Stella is an empowering leader, and this award reflects her commitment towards the business and HR landscape. She has contributed her expertise and passion in the field in an easy-to-understand way and has uplifted the voices of minority women through this knowledge. From career seminars to HR conferences, from meeting with clients at 3AM in the morning, to checking on us that we get home safe -- it's her ability to go above and beyond that makes me believe she was recognized for Best 50 Women in Business for 2022.

I never knew a person like Stella existed, someone who genuinely cares about people's growth and successes, remains steadfast in her values and beliefs, and follows through on all the tasks that need to be done. She is able to take on so many responsibilities, bear the weight of our candidates' or even team members' emotions, and continue to carry out her passion for helping others in the most selfless, effective, and professional way.

Stella exemplifies a modern, progressive leader in a drastically changing industry and workforce.

Stella is the hardest worker I know and inspires young Asian American women like me to confidently hold my own in this industry.

Stella is a leader that is self-aware. She acknowledges her short-comings and makes intentional effort to improve.

The sheer amount of time and effort she has put into her work and also into our company is enormous. Stella truly deserves to be recognized for this prestigious award and we are all so proud of her! Her current and past experience also proves how knowledgeable she is in the fields of consulting, recruiting, and HR. She is an inspiration to us all.

She regularly provides immediate feedback in performance management system, while not making her team feel bad about making a mistake. It is so crucial to a growing team, as it allows us to feel comfortable in approaching her for any issues and questions. She has the great ability to identify potential and strengths, while allowing us to work on our weaknesses.

Stella has made an enormous impact on my professional and technical skills but most especially on my character development. By mentoring me in every aspect of recruiting and the corporate world through an empathetic and human lens, she has taught me more about myself and others than any other manager has.

Stella took a chance on me that no one else has ever done in my career. I was never given the opportunity to advance in my career, and through Stella's encouragement and support, I was able to transition my career and even take on a leadership position, which I am grateful for.

At HRCap, we are proud Stella has received this well-deserved recognition. We hope that HRCap continues to grow many more leaders that continue to challenge the status quo, bridge commonalities, and make a difference in our communities and various industries.

Source: HRCap, NJBIZ


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