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HRCap 23rd Anniversary Month in Review (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #211, June 2023)

June 7, 2023 was our 23rd anniversary. Throughout our anniversary month, we hosted various events to fully celebrate our achievements and to engage our communities. As we look back on our remarkable journey, we are inspired to further enhance our services, pursue greater business development, and make a positive impact on our community.

HRCap's recognition as a "Top 10 Executive Search Firm 2023" and "Top 10 HR Consulting Company in APAC 2023" has garnered attention and coverage from major South Korean media outlets highlighting our exceptional expertise and excellence in Executive Search and HR Consulting.

HRCap has received the '2023 NJBIZ Empowering Women Award' along with 52 other organizations, such as Hackensack Meridian Health and Sharp Electronics Corp.

We are humbled for this recognition and will stay even more committed to supporting and elevating women in the workplace.

In celebration of our 23rd anniversary, we gathered data to understand the average small business survival rate in the United States.

In a recent report, the Small Business Administration (SBA) observed that from 1994-2020, an average of 67.7% of new employer establishments survived at least two years. In the same time period, the five-year survival rate was 48.9%, the ten-year survival rate was 33.7%, and the fifteen-year survival rate was 25.6%. HRCap forecasts that the twenty-year survival rate would significantly drop to 6.47%.

We recognize how challenging and difficult it is to operate and sustain a business for over 20 years and are grateful for all those who have journeyed with us over the past 23 years. We are committed to many more years of meaningful growth and transformation.

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