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An Employee's Guide to Performance Reviews (HRCap E-Newsletter - Issue #215, July 2023)

The performance review is an important process to assess whether employees are reaching their full potential at work. Though it may seem like a tedious task, employees must carefully prepare to demonstrate their achievements and show how they can continue improve. Taking the 9 proper steps to a productive performance review will also benefit employees in their long-term career development.

Both corporate and agency recruiters play a vital role in facilitating the growth of companies and assisting job seekers in securing employment opportunities. Aspiring professionals who are interested in becoming recruiting should consider the distinctions between a corporate recruiter and an agency recruiter to determine which career path is a better fit for them.

A positive interview experience is the first step to a successful employee engagement. We are offering a free, complementary HR Compliance & Interview Training session for all our client groups.

We encourage all business unit leaders, hiring managers, and expat HR leaders to sign up for this 1 hour virtual session. This training session will show a sample of our HRCap HR training curriculum custom-made for each client, and will allow all audiences to learn best practices and improve interviewing skills.

July Insight 2: HRCap identified the Top 10 Soft & Technical Skills active candidates acquired using candidate feedback and Linkedin data. The top acquired Soft Skills were Collaboration (37.2%), Time Management (33.4%), Adaptability (2.6%), People Management (2.3%), and Analysis (1.8%). The top acquired Technical Skills were Cloud Computing (7.7%), UX/UI Design (5.0%), SEO/SEM Marketing (4.8%), Video Production (3.1%), and Artificial Intelligence (2.2%).

These data points emphasize the rising trend for a balanced focus between both soft and technical skills (human-centric vs. technology-centric skills). They also point towards the urgency for candidates to invest in upskilling their technical skills to complement their soft skills for increased market competitiveness. HRCap encourages all professionals and employers to invest in reskilling and upskilling opportunities to prioritize building a workforce with diverse skill sets.

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