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AI vs. EI? AI is Meaningless Without EI (Issue #191)

HRCap's Chief Marketing Officer Stella H. Kim writes her second Korea Daily expert column on Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Emotional Intelligence (EI). With new AI innovations transforming the future of work and the job market, many are fearing that they will lose their jobs. However, Stella reinforces that there are certain roles that can never be replaced with AI, especially leadership roles that require high EI.

Though cover letters are often noted as optional on a job posting, candidates that do write one often stand out. Follow these 8 crucial pointers on writing a polished cover letter to maximize chances of landing a job interview

Many candidates fail to leave a lasting impression because they fail to ask critical questions at the end of the interview. We encourage all candidates to read these "35 Critical Questions" and take note of which ones will help them to further clarify the role, gain more insight, and end their interview on a good note.

February Insight 1: Based on HRCap’s recent market research with LinkedIn data, we identified the top 5 commonly acquired skills among bilingual candidates currently active in the job market as of February 2023. Through a comparison between entry-level candidates and upper-Level candidates (Directors & up), we found that entry-level candidates have listed Customer Experience (4.69% vs. upper-level at 4.35%) and Data Entry (12.03% vs. upper-level 8.61%) as their most critical skills. Upper-level candidates have acquired and applied Data Analysis (11.76% vs. entry-level at 8.61%) and Analytical Skills (13.97% vs. entry-level at 10.11%) in their careers. Customer/client-experience (CX) is an emerging skill among newer candidates, while analytical skills (market data & trends) are now in greater supply among seasoned leaders. This shows that professionals are actively gaining data literacy and advanced digital skills to best analyze and leverage data for higher customer satisfaction and greater digital transformation. This data reflects percentages from a total of 270,719+ candidates (139,719+ entry-level, 131,000+ upper-level).

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