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Addressing the Noise Behind Loud Layoffs (Issue #180)

After the era of "Great Resignation" and "Quiet Quitting", we are now experiencing the phenomena of "Loud Layoffs".

Close to 145K employees globally and 100K employees nationally have been laid off at over 900 tech companies. With the threat of a recession, many companies are starting to cut costs to mitigate risk. Although certain layoffs may be inevitable, companies should consider taking steps to prevent layoffs from happening.

HRCap knows being laid off can be challenging, so we are providing support to those who recently lost their jobs. Our teams are giving back by offering resume and career services at no cost to assist them in finding a new job opportunity.

It is that time of year of exchanging holiday gifts, but for some underprivileged families this is a difficult task, especially with inflation and the possible recession. To support them, HRCap has been collecting and donating gifts to the NJCDC Holiday Gift Drive for the families in Paterson, NJ.

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