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7 Actionable Steps to Resolving Generational Conflicts (Issue #195)

Generational conflicts have become a significant concern in the US. In her 3rd Expert Column, Stella walks us through "HRCap's 7A Conflict Resolution model" and highlights the importance of looking at generational differences as individual differences of those from different generations. We invite all readers to apply this step-by-step guideline for resolving any conflict in the workplace, household, relationships, and the greater society.

With voluntary resignations and the ongoing talent shortage, employee retention is becoming increasingly important across all organizations. Losing high-performing employees can damage the company's morale, productivity, and bottom line. Employers must address the underlying issues and apply these 12 Practical Employee Retention Strategies to reduce turnover rates.

HRCap is officially accepting applications for 2023 Summer Internships. Our past interns have learned tremendously and gained the pivotal experience they needed to identify and accelerate their career paths. Share the news and invite those in your network to apply for our internship program this year.

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