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5 Unique Ways to Build Work Stamina (Issue #144)

Increasing stamina and staying healthy are important to boosting work productivity. On our recent monthly HRCap Global Engagement Lab Survey, our employees shared their level of engagement (96% engaged) and provided tips on how they remain physically active throughout the day to build work stamina.

With the increasing stress and digital burnout, many employees are quitting their jobs to look for a better work-life balance, while others look for companies they believe care about their well-being. Empathetic leadership makes a significant difference in the workplace and should be a quality that companies must adopt to attract and retain top talent.

In his featured essay in the KSEA anniversary book, our CEO & President Andrew Sungsoo Kim elaborates on his entrepreneurial journey. He shares the 3 different phases of growth and 10 distinct traits that has continuously allowed him to overcome obstacles.

We are expanding and hiring for various roles! Visit our careers webpage to apply directly.

  • Recruiters: We are specifically looking for multicultural and bilingual speakers given our global coverage. We are hiring in each of our specialized teams given the heavy pipeline of digital & technical sourcing, global recruiting, and confidential executive search.

  • Our team in Seoul, Korea is also actively looking for recruiters of all levels.

  • Digital Marketing / Data Science: Our digital transformation team is focused on rebranding with exciting projects in play leading up to our 22nd anniversary in June. We welcome anyone with digital and technical expertise to join our organization.

  • Internships: We have paid summer internship opportunities available.

If you do not see an opening that matches your career goals, email us your cover letter and resume ( explaining why you are interested in our organization and how you can help HRCap win, and one of our team leaders will reach out directly for consideration.

{ Motivational Quote }

Success does not happen overnight, but it is the result of hard work and effort. Even Vince Lombardi notes that the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary. So instead of flipping ahead to success, let's continue to work diligently towards success.

{ HR Insights }

When we sit all day for work, it can be detrimental to our health. So take some time to stretch out your legs and take a walk. It will also help you clear your mind and build greater stamina to power through the workday.

{ Employee Recognition }

We wrapped up Women's History Month celebration last month by highlighting the strong group of women here at HRCap who have made lasting impact in our organization, clients groups, and communities. We are grateful, empowered, and excited to build a greater HRCap together!

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