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5 Unique Ways to Build Work Stamina

Written by HRCap, Inc.

April 6, 2022

Why We Need to Build Stamina

It can be challenging to stay active when we are working at a desk for most of the day. It is important to engage in physical activity to reduce health risks and increase stamina and endurance. In fact, being active can benefit mental health, engagement at work, increased happiness, and better physical health.

In a current hybrid work setting, we all have a robust daily schedule that requires stamina and concentration. We oftentimes get exhausted at the end of the workday whether we are onsite or working remotely.

In our monthly HRCap Global Engagement Lab Survey, we checked in with our employees on our engagement levels (96% engaged this month), and collected tips on staying active to build stamina throughout the day. Here are personalized tips on what we do before, during, and after our workdays to build and improve our stamina.

Ways To Build Up Work Stamina

1. Walk More - Walk to work, use lunchtime to walk, and set aside time to walk in the park or on a treadmill. Though walking sounds like a trivial exercise, it can reduce many health risks. In fact, walking for 2.5 hours a week –only 21 minutes a day– can cut the risk of heart disease by 30% (Harvard).

2. Stretch Frequently - During work, take every 30 mins to stretch, anything from the neck and back to also fingers and wrist. Stretching can increase not only flexibility and mobility, but can increase blood flow, improve your posture, and help decrease tension headaches (Healthline).

3. Stand rather than Sit - Alternate between sitting and standing by using a standing desk converter at work. A study with approximately 184,000 participants reported that people who spent more than 6 hours each day sitting with little to no activity have a 71% increase in mortality rate (American Journal of Epidemiology).

4. Practice Mindfulness/Meditation - Raising awareness and improving mental and physical state through mindful breathing and body scans. Meditation reduces stress and helps maintain brain health and neuroplasticity (Medical News Today).

5. Stay Hydrated - Drinking water or fluids more frequently is essential to the body for flushing out bodily wastes and improving blood circulation. It is recommended to drink about 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women (Mayo Clinic).

Above are the five common ways we build stamina, while other unique tips included exercising using Nintendo Workouts, taking multi-vitamins, reading books, eating healthier, and sleeping regularly.

Doing it Together

Research shows that having an accountability partner can increase the success in building stamina because of the emotional-social support. It can be also a way to develop a stronger sense of community and friendly competition between coworkers. These are some ways that employees can encourage one another to build stamina.

3 Ways to Do it Together

1. Counting Steps: Keeping track of steps for each day to make sure each person is meeting their step goals. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends getting at least 10,000 steps per day but should depend on each individual’s health goals.

2. Exercising Together: Having a gym partner can encourage people to create and stick to an exercise schedule.

3. Engaging in Recreation: Playing sports can be more enjoyable than going to the gym.

Just Do It

Needless to say, there are countless ways to incorporate activities to promote stamina building into our day. So let’s get out of our seats, get active, and also keep each other accountable!

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