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5 Benefits of Partnering with an Executive Search (Issue #146)

Many companies partner with executive search firms to fill top leadership positions with best-fit executives, which mean they view such partnerships as critical business investment.

“To effectively localize and globalize, you need a multicultural leader who can understand the market, maneuver all stakeholders, and drive transformational change,” says Stella H. Kim, the Managing Director and Head of Executive Search of HRCap.

In her Top 10 Executive Search Interview with Manage HR, Stella shares how HRCap has differentiated from the rest of thecompetition by becoming “state of the art” and “top of the best.”

HRCap is now actively recruiting to achieve our global mission.

We are expanding and actively hiring! Visit our careers webpage to apply directly.

  • Recruiters: We are specifically looking for multicultural and bilingual speakers given our global coverage for technical sourcing, global recruiting, and executive search.

  • Our global team in Seoul is actively hiring recruiters of all levels.

  • Our Digital Transformation team welcomes anyone with digital and technical expertise to join our team focused on rebranding and using data-driven methods to scale.

If you do not see an opening that matches your career goals, email us your cover letter and resume ( explaining why you are interested in our organization and how you can help HRCap win, and one of our team leaders will reach out directly for consideration.

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Partner with HRCap, a Top 10 Executive Search Firm, to find your best-fit executive candidate.

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Perfection does not appear out of thin air. Instead of waiting for success to happen, we need to work towards it by making progress daily. Progress is often far more important than perfection.

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