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5 Action-Based Principles for Organizational Success (Issue #141)

We are humbled to have been covered by top newspapers in South Korea and major Korean-American media for being named Top 10 Executive Search Firm 2022 by Manage HR.

We are proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved with our amazing teams, and also excited about our equally growing presence in our Seoul, Korea division. Without our global teams working together tirelessly and striving for excellence, HRCap would not be the company we are now.

Many employees and leaders are actively advocating for hybrid work. How can companies create a hybrid work setting that is most effective for their unique business model and organizational culture? And how is this applicable for non-hybrid work modes?

Organizational culture can affect hybrid work environments.

Please share with us your preferences on the 5 Action-Based Principles discussed in our blog.

We are expanding and hiring for various roles! Visit our careers webpage to apply directly.

  • Recruiters: We are specifically looking for multicultural and bilingual speakers given our global coverage. We are hiring in each of our specialized teams given the heavy pipeline of digital & technical sourcing, global recruiting, and confidential executive search. Our team in Seoul, Korea is also actively looking for recruiters of all levels.

  • Digital Marketing / Data Science: Our digital transformation team is focused on rebranding with exciting projects in play leading up to our 22nd anniversary in June. We welcome anyone with digital and technical expertise, who is also aligned with our corporate mission and social responsibility.

  • Internships: We have paid summer internship opportunities available.

If you do not see an opening that matches your career goals, email us your cover letter and resume ( explaining why you are interested in our organization and how you can help HRCap win, and one of our team leaders will reach out directly for consideration.

{ Celebrate }

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, we wish you a day full of luck and joy! However, let's remember that fortune favors those who don't depend on it. So let's continue to work hard and strive for continuous learning and development. One day, we will be in a position where we will think of ourselves as lucky when in reality, our hard work and perseverance got us there

{ HR Insight }

With a hybrid work environment emerging as the new norm, a reduction in office space is forecasted. Companies will be able to save on real estate costs and capitalize from a global talent pool unbounded by geography.

{ Motivational Quote }

Ken Poirot states, today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow we want. The future we want is built upon what we do today.

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