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4 Strategies for Empathetic Management (Issue #142)

With the increasing stress and digital burnout, many employees are quitting their jobs to look for a better work-life balance, while others look for companies they believe care about their well-being. Empathetic leadership makes a significant difference in the workplace and should be a quality that companies must adopt to attract and retain top talent.

So then, how can we build greater empathy in the workplace?

Organizational culture can affect hybrid work environments. We are continuing to take survey data.

Please share with us your preferences on the 5 Action-Based Principles discussed in our blog.

For details on the different principles, please read our blog on 5 Action-Based Principles.

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{ Women's History Month }

To celebrate Women's History month, we will be highlighting women who have made a historical impact on society.

{ Women's History Month }

During WWII, Kochiyama and her family were discriminated against and sent to incarceration camps. After the war and relocating to Harlem, she spent time at Harlem Freedom School and learned about Black history. Her experience and education guided her to become a passionate human rights activist.

{ Women's History Month }

Grace Lee Boggs was such a prominent supporter of the Black Power movement that the FBI files once assumingly described her as "probably Afro Chinese."

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