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Why HRCap - 2022 HRCap Testimonials (Issue #158)

HRCap excels at being a cultural bridge, providing service excellence, and building organic relationships and collaborative culture. It is no wonder HRCap, Inc. was named as "Top 10 Executive Search Firms" by Manage HR and "Best Places to Work in New Jersey" by NJBIZ.

It’s now harder to retain talent than hire talent. A bad hire can have a negative impact on the organization’s team by reducing team morale, productivity, and ultimately work output. Companies must first identify the underlining factors for a bad hire to create a sustainable solution.

We have extended the deadline to our first Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship to August 31st, 2022. The scholarship is now also open to international students currently enrolled in U.S. schools.

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By providing upskilling and internal mobility for employees, companies can improve employee retention. This will in turn reduce turnovers and improve employee satisfaction.

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Listening is a key quality as a CEO. When giving advice on being a CEO, Rob Kennedy shares the importance of understanding other's perspectives. Let's improve our leadership skills by listening more to build greater empathy.

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