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When to Invest in Interim Solutions, and Why

6 Proven Benefits of Strategic Investment in Interim ELITE Executives

Written by HRCap, Inc.

January 11, 2024

Interim Solutions

Compounded with economic uncertainty and shifting business priorities, organizations face another “Great Resignation” at the critical executive leadership levels, specifically the C-Suites.

C-suite executives are now getting burned out and leaving their roles in higher numbers than ever before. Deloitte’s 2022 survey shows that nearly 70% of the C-suite are considering quitting for a job that better supports their well-being. According to Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, more than 1,500 CEOs have left their positions in 2023 alone.

Recognizing the imperative for swift and strategic leadership transitions, organizations are increasingly turning to interim leadership solutions. Interim leaders who immediately yet temporarily step into executive roles provide a crucial bridge during periods of transition or crisis, offering subject expertise, objective perspective, and strategic guidance to navigate challenges.

As a result, Business Talent Group reports that there has been a 116% YOY increase in demand for interim leadership at all levels of the organization and a 78% YOY increase in demand for experienced leadership at the C-suite level. With increased demand for interim leadership and executive search, the U.S. market for executive search is now at $9 billion, according to Statista.

When Are Companies Investing in Interim Solutions?

Against the backdrop of heightened executive departures and the prevailing challenges in the corporate landscape, companies are increasingly turning to interim solutions. Though an executive departure is one common situation for investing in interim leadership, there are many other circumstances in which companies can find value in hiring an interim executive.

1. Temporary Vacancy

Interim leaders are invaluable when key executives take leaves of absence. Companies can ensure that critical responsibilities are seamlessly managed during the temporary vacancy by hiring an interim executive who is readily available to step in.

2. Immediate Hire While Finding Permanent Leadership

As such, companies engage interim leaders to fill crucial roles promptly, ensuring business continuity while taking the necessary time to identify the best-fit permanent leadership.

3. New Initiatives & Project Implementation

Companies also engage interim leaders to spearhead new initiatives or manage special projects. By hiring interim executives with proven experiences, specialized expertise, and deep industry networks, organizations can successfully and timely implement new project initiatives without spending additive time and resources going through multiple trials and errors.

4. Entry into New Markets and Launch of New Products

Interim leaders are vital in steering companies through the challenges of entering new markets or launching products. Many are product and market experts and can leverage their expertise and networks to guarantee a greater chance of successful market penetration and localization.

5. Rapid Growth in the Organization

During rapid organizational growth with successful scale-up, interim leaders bring immediate thought leadership and strategic guidance, accelerating growth without compromising efficiency.

6. Seasonal Spikes in Business

During periods of increased demand or seasonal spikes in business, interim leaders also provide essential support to manage heightened workloads and maintain operational efficiency.

7. Execution of the Organization’s M&A or IPO Strategies

The complexities of mergers, acquisitions, or initial public offerings (IPOs) often demand experienced interim leaders who can navigate the intricacies, tap into critical business relationships, and facilitate a seamless transition for sustainable transformation.

8. Objective Point of View with Subject Expertise

Interim leaders, being external experts, can provide an unbiased and objective perspective without getting caught up in politics or relationships. Their subject-matter expertise also allows them to contribute fresh viewpoints and unforeseen insights to key decision-making processes.

9. Evaluation and Revamp of Underperforming Teams

That said, interim leaders are often brought in to assess and revamp underperforming teams by implementing strategic changes to enhance productivity and drive positive outcomes.

10. Trial Before Committing to Long-Term Employment

Companies also leverage interim leaders as a trial or probationary period to ensure compatibility and effectiveness before extending the engagement to long-term permanent appointments.

Investing in interim solutions allows companies to tailor their leadership structures to unique challenges and opportunities. Organizations can foster adaptability and resilience by hiring an interim executive while maintaining organizational growth and success.

What are the Proven Benefits of Engaging Interim Solutions?

HRCap Interim Solutions offer strategic placement of interim leaders with subject and industry expertise. The diverse utilization of such interim leaders has provided our client organizations with clearly measurable benefits and greater opportunities for scalable and sustainable growth.

1. Immediate Availability and Quick Onboarding

Interim leaders offer our clients the advantage of immediate availability, ensuring critical positions are filled promptly. Their adaptability to organizational structures allows for swift onboarding, minimizing disruptions and maintaining operational continuity.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions with Flexibility and Productivity

Interim solutions present a cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring, as our client groups engage professionals for specific periods, eliminating the long-term financial commitments associated with permanent employment. This flexibility allows businesses to manage costs and adapt to fluctuations in demand while maintaining high levels of productivity.

3. Strategic Thought Leadership for Crisis Management

Interim leaders also play a crucial role in risk mitigation and crisis management. Their seasoned expertise enables them to navigate challenging situations across our varied client groups, providing stability and strategic direction during periods of uncertainty or crises.

4. Specialized Expertise with an Objective Perspective

Our clients have benefited from the specialized expertise and objective perspective that interim leaders bring to the table. Their external perspective allows for an unbiased evaluation of challenges and opportunities, facilitating informed decision-making and driving greater innovation within the organization.

5. Successful Implementations of Strategic Initiatives and New Projects

Interim leaders also excel in driving strategic initiatives and overseeing project implementations. Their focused and goal-oriented approach has ensured that our client organizations achieve their objectives efficiently, navigate complexities, and deliver results.

6. Mitigated Risk in Interim Assignments Before Permanent Appointments

Engaging interim leaders has allowed our client organizations to evaluate potential candidates for permanent roles. This interim-to-permanent transition has presented the opportunity to assess the leaders’ performance, cultural fit, and alignment with their long-term goals before making a commitment to permanent hire.

Even when initially engaged to help clients buy time to identify the best-fit permanent executive for the leadership vacancy, the interim leaders often exceed client expectations. They are requested to formally transition into such permanent leadership roles within the company.

As such, the strategic investment in interim solutions have empowered our client groups across various industries, markets, and geographies to strategically address immediate needs, navigate challenges, and capitalize on opportunities with a heightened level of flexibility and efficiency.


The recruitment of interim leaders necessitates a specialized approach, often relying on the expertise of an Interim Executive recruitment agency. HRCap’s proven method involves a holistic approach tailored to meet our clients’ dynamic needs by identifying and recommending only the best-fit interim executives. 

Our Interim ELITE Executives are subject experts and success-driven leaders that thrive in unique and challenging situations. They are carefully screened for domain expertise, industry leadership, functional skills, cultural fluency, business acumen, learning agility, and self-awareness. Only 3% of leaders pass our screening process to be admitted into our Interim ELITE Network.

With consistent communication and dedicated support, we remained focused on effectively partnering with our clients at every stage to not only meet but surpass their expectations.

Partner with us now to find the best-fit Interim ELITE Executive for your unique business needs. 

Sources: HRCap, Deloitte, Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, Business Talent Group, Statista


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