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The Global K-HR Movement, A Rising Need to Invest in Top Talent

Written by Stella H. Kim

Published November 16, 2023

Glocalized Culture and Talent Investment Critical for Future Corporate Success

Stella Kim, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President at HRCap
Stella Kim, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President at HRCap

The Global K-HR Movement has begun.

Just as K-Culture (Korean Wave, Hallyu) has become a global cultural sensation with K-pop, K-drama, K-beauty, and K-food, the value of the Korean market, Korean companies, and Korean talent has also increased significantly leading to the rise of K-talent and the K-HR movement.

Through global investments by Korean conglomerates (chaebols), new entries of multinational companies into the Korean market, innovative expansions of small and medium-sized Korean companies, and rapid growth of tech startups, South Korea has become an economic and cultural powerhouse in just 60 years, coining the phenomenon as the “Miracle on the Han River,” and ranking among the Top 10 global economic powers.

A total of 11,567 companies are registered in KOTRA's “2022 Directory of Korean Organizations in Foreign Markets,” and according to PwC, 41% of global companies ranked the U.S. as the top country for next year’s growth prospects in 2022 and are strategically preparing for market entry.

As the largest Asian-American Executive Search Firm in the world and by far the only Korean-American Search Firm specializing in Executive Search & HR Consulting, HRCap has been exclusively positioned to serve as the pioneer and strategic bridge in the Global K-HR Movement by repositioning and elevating the value of Human Resources at all Korean conglomerates, Korean-American companies, and multinational global corporations.

HRCap has served as a HR advisor and strategic business partner to more than 1,500 clients including large Korean conglomerates (LG, SK, Samsung, Hanwha, POSCO), multinational global corporations (Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, Deloitte), large Private Equities in the U.S. and global Joint Ventures, and multicultural start-ups in tech, entertainment, and gaming.

HRCap meaningfully partners with VVIP clients for a Total HR Solution beyond just a one-time search transaction and has expanded the business model to advise client organizations on global investment and market entry strategies; cultural localization strategies; executive search and succession planning strategies; and proactive hiring and training services.

HRCap advises clients that all technological innovations, market expansions, and glocalization initiatives must start with strategic investment in talent, and continuously instill the core value of K-HR in learning, application, competition, and agility in organizations while developing K-Talent leaders with passion, curiosity, agility, and sincerity necessary for success.

The Annual HRCap Client Survey identifies Top 12 reasons clients engage in HRCap Services and strategically invest in K-KR. Over the past 5 years, clients have mainly engaged HRCap for Confidential Executive Search (63%) with the need to also drive Language Screening (52%), assess Cultural Fluency (89%), and conduct Leadership Assessments (64%). Additionally, they sought Proactive Candidate Recommendations (31%) for top talent that can future-proof their business and glocalize the culture.

HRCap Annual Client Survey
HRCap Annual Client Survey (2018 vs. 2023)

HR teams of glocalized organizations do not simply focus on hiring and running HR administrations but truly serve as strategic business partners by turning complex HR industry and evolving job market insights into recruitment and business expansion strategies that can actively hire and effectively retain top talent with cultural intelligence.

Simply put, companies will struggle to scale or have any future without investing in necessary leaders who can connect the East and the West, bridge cultural and generational gaps, and lead the Global K-HR Movement.

Stella H. Kim, SPHR HRCap - Chief Marketing Officer & Global VP

Original Source: [중앙일보] [전문가 칼럼] 글로벌 K-HR 시대, 우수인재 투자 최우선시

Source: HRCap, The Korea Daily, JoongAng Ilbo

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