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Leadership Table Talk Series - #5: Collaboration (Issue #174)

In our 5th Leadership Table Talk Series, our CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim shares how leaders can foster a work culture of collaboration to drive higher productivity and innovation.

The 16th HRD Conference had an amazing turnout of over 7,000 people. Out of the many speakers and lectures, HRCap's Managing Director, Stella H. Kim's Post-Pandemic 2023 Top 10 HR Trends was rated as the top 3 most insightful. As a result, both HRDK and HR Insight Magazine reached out to discuss possible partnership engagements to advance greater learning and development.

The 2022 Global HR Forum is just around the corner next week, from November 2-3, 2022. Among many guest speakers, our Managing Director, Stella H. Kim has been invited to speak on HR Management Strategies to better understand, attract, and retain Millennial and Generation Z talent.

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