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Leadership Table Talk Series - #4: Leadership Development (Issue #165)

In our 4th Leadership Table Talk Series, our CEO Andrew Sungsoo Kim shares the importance of leadership assessment and development. He also shares what leadership qualities are important to have and how to assess them.

The Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRDK) has invited HRCap's Managing Director, Stella H. Kim, to speak on the Great Retention and Predictions for Top 2023 HR Trends at their 2022 HR Development Conference!

There are only 2 weeks left until the scholarship deadline, and we have up to 100 applications! Consider applying to our scholarship and become recognized as 2022 HRCap Next-Gen Leader!

{ HR Insight }

Creating a culture of collaboration and engagement between managers and teams will ultimately lead to a high-performing workplace. Organizations that do so will not only perform well but also increase levels of retention.

{ Motivational Quote }

Working on a team is better than working independently. As Reid Hoffman shares, no matter how smart or capable an individual may be, they will not be able to match a strong team. This week, let's make that extra effort to collaborate with our coworkers to drive greater results.

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