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Leadership Table Talk Series I - Passion

Written by HRCap, Inc.

April 13, 2022

Have you ever wondered how CEOs think? What motivates them to start and grow their company? How they manage their time? How they build stamina? What they eat and drink for breakfast?

We have started a bi-weekly series, "Leadership Table Talk," which will be devoted to engaging executives to offer personal experiences and leadership advice. Our CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim, openly shares his passions and insights on his leadership journey as the CEO of HRCap, Inc.

1. Why did you create HRCap?

My passion has always been in connecting people and creating meaningful opportunities. At that time, very few opportunities allowed for making such "connections" in the United States. Then I thought if there was no such service, I should create my own.

Leaving behind my stable job, I pioneered the premium headhunting service for our niche Korean-American community. I knew the unique business needs of global Korean conglomerates and U.S.-based Korean-American entities and understood the career desires of job seekers in the U.S. I wanted to help anyone urgently looking for a job or displaced by their employers. I wanted to support an organization eagerly trying to scale up its operations in unknown territory – simply by focusing on making a meaningful connection.

My strengths were identifying strengths in people and building sustainable talent strategies for companies. I'm extremely grateful that HRCap has now become a talent partner, not just an HR vendor or recruiting agent, well trusted by our client companies and job seekers across industries, functions, geographies, and levels.