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HRCap Spearheading the Future of Global Executive Search

HRCap Makes "Top 10 Executive Search Firm 2023" Second Year in a Row

Written by HRCap, Inc.

May 11, 2023

HRCap, the largest global Asian-American Executive Search and HR Consulting Firm in the world, has been spearheading the future of executive search. As our recognized Top 10 Executive Search for two consecutive years, the company has gone beyond the sole role of recruiting by embedding HR Analytics and Executive Coaching into their practices to continuously transform with their clients.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, HRCap has successfully closed more than 1500 cases globally. They have been instrumental in mobilizing the labor market and building talent across booming industries like renewable energy, telehealth, biotech, AI, and eCommerce. Their service portfolio not only focuses on delivering the highest quality recruitment services but also includes partnering with clients to provide market entry strategies, organizational restructuring, leadership assessment, and skills development.

“We are driven by the mission to partner with our clients to globalize and localize by designing sustainable workforce strategies and investing in critical leadership,” says Stella H. Kim, SPHR, Chief Marketing Officer and Global VP/Head of Executive Search Practice at HRCap. “We deliver the highest service excellence with more than 500 years of combined HR expertise and strive for the utmost integrity in all our work with a people-first mentality.”

Enhancing Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

In her new role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of HRCap, Stella is responsible for enhancing the client experience and driving greater digital transformation. She aids critical decision-making at both HRCap and their 1000+ unique clients by driving a data-driven macroeconomic approach while also building empathy with a social-organizational micro-view and emotional intelligence.

HRCap also leverages talent analytics and HR insights for best-fit placements. Utilizing their proprietary internal ERP database of ten million historical interview data with over 650,000 candidates, HRCap thoroughly assesses both technical and cultural fit. HRCap recruiters conduct multi-touchpoint phone and video screening sessions to collect intel on candidate expertise, leadership style, and market expectations. They drive 360-degree professional checks to validate said experiences and identify any potential risks for the client to address. By utilizing the HRCap STAR Leadership Assessment Tool, they can carefully evaluate the candidates’ level of self-awareness and learning agility to best project their potential in the new role and assess best-fit with the client organization.

HRCap is highly digitalized yet even more personalized in their service. The HRCap team guarantees unwavering performance with a differentiated white-glove service experience by tailoring to each client’s unique needs. “Our clients consider us as strategic HR partners, not agents nor vendors. We are asked to partake in panel interviews and internal meetings with hiring executives with full disclosure on their business strategies for alignment, advisory, and long-term partnership,” says Stella. “We not only focus on retained executive search, but also partner with those newly placed executives to identify their successors and build out their respective organizations from the ground up.”

Their business philosophy is to always focus on the why — instead of just the how and the what. With a deep understanding of the client business and strong analysis of evolving market trends, they are able to predict critical skills needed to future-proof the organization. 20 percent of their business is now generated on open candidate recommendations to their VIP clients, where they identify new breakthrough skills (candidates) that clients must proactively invest in to future-proof their business.

No wonder HRCap’s Executive Search Practice has a success rate of above 92 percent and has seen 250 percent growth since the pandemic. This has enabled HRCap to retain their vast client base, from start-ups to medium-sized businesses to Global Fortune 500 companies across all industries.

Modeling a Collaborative, Empathetic Environment

Stella attributes HRCap’s great success to their global teams. As a Global HR service provider, they have hired talented individuals from diverse backgrounds that believe in the work that they do and genuinely love helping others. The company continuously embraces change amidst the ever-changing digital landscape, proactively builds empathy across their multigenerational and multicultural organization, and encourages collaboration for greater fulfillment and collective growth.

As a result, HRCap has a wide coverage of functional expertise, industry knowledge, and cultural experiences to organically connect with anyone truly looking for growth. As now the largest Asian-American Executive Search Firm, HRCap is committed to advancing the Future of Work while also driving greater Corporate Social Responsibility by advocating for minority groups, bridging cultures and generations, and building empathetic future leaders.

Source: HRCap, Manage HR


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