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HRCap Presents 6 MZ Gen Career Categories at GHR 2022 (Issue #176)

At the Global HR Forum 2022 in Seoul, South Korea, HRCap's Managing Director, Stella H. Kim, shared her insights on the Millennial and Z Generation (MZ Gen). Based on data and experience, she pinpointed the 6 unique career trends and expectations of the MZ Gen. Along with other panel speakers, she also discussed and answered questions on "Equity and New Organizational Culture of Millennials and Generation Z."

HRCap communicates with more than 1,000 candidates on a daily basis regarding recruiting and career changes. Through these interactions, HRCap understands what candidates’ priorities are when they are changing jobs. By empathizing with the MZ generation and better understanding the generational trends and expectations, HRCap shares 6 MZ Generation Career Categories.

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