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HRCap Presents 2023 Top 10 HR Trends (Issue #168)

Our Managing Director Stella H. Kim was appointed to speak at the 16th annual HRD Conference on Sept 15, 2022, and has successfully presented on the 2023 Top 10 HR Trends & Recommendations. Her session was hybrid with over 300 registered participants giving highest acclamation.

HRCap continuously conducts HR market research to stay on top of the leading trends and strategically advise our clients. In this blog, we project 2023 Top 10 HR Trends and provide data-backed recommendations for winning the War for Talent.

Tonight 9/15/2022 at 8PM ET, HRCap executives share HR thought leadership to Korean Biotech & Biopharma companies looking to scale up their U.S. operations.

The Seminar is hosted by Korea Health Industry Development Institute, BW Biomed, and HRCap. CEO Sung Soo Kim, Managing Director Stella H. Kim, and VP Sang Shin will be addressing key HR challenges and taking FAQs.

The seminar will be fully conducted in Korean, and is open to public. No registration is needed.

Yes, it finally happened. We've debuted on TikTok.

{ National Hispanic Heritage Month! }

It is National Hispanic Heritage Month! Let's celebrate and honor the beautiful Hispanic culture throughout the month.

{ HR Insight }

It is important to leave a workplace on a good note because it can affect future career opportunities.

{ Motivational Quote }

This week, let's take courage to innovate and present fresh ideas. This will allow us to progress and advance in our careers.

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