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HRCap Empowers APAC For Greater Glocalization

HRCap Named Top 10 HR Consulting Company in APAC by Manage HR

Written by HRCap, Inc.

June 14, 2023

HRCap, the largest global Asian-American Executive Search and HR Consulting Firm in the world, has been spearheading the future of executive search and empowering Asia Pacific American organizations to become not only industry leaders but global leaders.

Founded in 2000 in the United States with a rapidly growing presence in APAC and Europe, HRCap is on an ongoing mission to glocalize the future of work through strategic talent investments, and has driven value across all industries by serving as cross-cultural liaisons. Recognized by Manage HR as a Top 10 Executive Search for two consecutive years, the company has expanded the functions of Executive Recruiting and HR Consulting, by embedding Talent Analytics and Executive Coaching into their practices to continuously transform with their clients.

Having a proven brand and a global network of industry think tank subject experts, HRCap has closely partnered with multinational client companies to build brand recognition and vision, gain executive commitment to invest in overseas talent, and build sustainable infrastructure that can help overseas talent succeed. With their client-centric service, they excel in customizing proactive plans for recruiting talent to achieve business goals while maintaining consistent and professional communication.

HRCap is grounded by their unmatched legacy in the global recruiting industry, all the while being modeled for their modern leadership shaping the future of global talent management. They have a proven global brand for the highest service excellence with utmost integrity, relatability, and professionalism. They are known to drive innovative change and sustainable transformation through their unique multicultural sensitivity, industry-leading digital talent strategies, and spirit of global excellence.

HRCap’s Founder, CEO, and President Andrew Sungsoo Kim, is a seasoned search expert and a renowned industry leader, who provides executive coaching to C-Suite networks and advises his global clientele base on workforce challenges and business strategies. For his subject expertise and impact on the community, he received the 2022 NJBIZ ICON Honor and 2022 Gold Stevie Award for the Chief Learning Officer of the Year and was inducted into the exclusive Marquis Who’s Who in America Biographical Registry.

“HRCap has emerged as a HR Magnet and true champion in the global market with our proven qualities, unmatched capabilities, and leading competitive edge as an inclusive market leader,” says Andrew Sungsoo Kim, Founder, CEO, and President of HRCap. “With our heightened focus on Client Experience and Digital Transformation, we are committed to guaranteeing the highest client satisfaction and shifting the paradigm for greater innovation in the field of Global HR.”

Expanding Local Infrastructure with Global Perspectives

Global cultural sensitivity has become a growing necessary competency for businesses looking to globalize their operations and invest in multi-national entities. HRCap spearheads this niche

market; they are best positioned for delivering multilingual recruiting, global HR consulting, cultural leadership coaching, and localization services to achieve a win-win for all parties involved.

In the current rapidly globalizing and digitizing market, the concept of Asia Pacific is expanding, and the binary previously dubbed into “West versus East tensions” has broken down. Combining the strength of their U.S. Headquarters and APAC Division, HRCap has been extra dedicated over the past 38 months, taking recruiting and HR consulting as not just a job but a vocational calling even beyond the pandemic to unite and bridge the West and East for a truly global workforce.

Not only does HRCap foster strategies that build global candidates and global companies from their U.S. headquarters, but their APAC division in Seoul, South Korea also specializes in partnering with their 200+ APAC clients to tackle region-specific HR challenges and growth opportunities unique to Asian-Pacific Global Companies. APAC Companies strategically engage HRCap given their reliable expertise in scaling up operations globally or carefully identifying localized leaders with global expertise best fit for their APAC operations. With their global infrastructure across APAC and North American offices, HRCap provides a 24-hour service operation readily available and highly tailored to each client.

As such, CEO Kim is an iconic leader not only in the United States but also across Asia Pacific as institutions seek his leading expertise for future-proofed strategies and global HR professionals look up to him as a guiding mentor. Under his leadership, HRCap has been designated by the South Korean Government as the Exclusive Global Talent Agent for the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), and the Institute of Information & Communication Technology Promotion (IITP).

HRCap implements a data-driven approach to all their market strategies and business processes to provide informed guidance to all their clientele and candidates. From their extensive ERP database and 5 million unique client interview data, they generate thought leadership through biweekly Talent Analytics & HR Insights that help business leaders and hiring managers build an eye for HR and talent management strategies. HRCap Executives present at over 20 global, national, and regional HR conferences annually to contribute to the industry thought leadership, give back to the community, and educate professionals on how to leverage HR trends and recruitment strategies to better win the War for Talent.

Building Organic Partnerships For Scalable Sustained Growth

HRCap serves as trusted advisers to their 1000 VIP client organizations by offering customized workforce strategies. They are experts in driving confidential succession planning, global workforce design, and market entry and business expansion strategies through effective talent investment and development.

HRCap takes a data-driven approach to assess the rising industry trends across various geographies, and truly understands the client’s market positioning, corporate brand, and cultural nuance. As strategic business partners to the client organizations, they excel in identifying, attracting, and appointing best-fit leaders that will not only lead but also transform the organization longterm. Using the proven HRCap P5-S20 Recruiting Model, they succeed in making sustainable placements and proactive recommendations, while also coaching newly appointed executives throughout the transition process to train on cultural nuances for full engagement.

HRCap’s proprietary STAR Leadership Assessment methodology reviews potential gaps in the existing organizational structure then offers strategies to increase synergies and performance of the executives and board members. The Leadership Assessment Tool evaluates not only capability but also a leader’s level of self-awareness and learning agility. This holistic evaluation helps APAC clients redesign their hiring plans to set tangible and measurable expectations, as well as tailor their strategies to fit the cultural landscape needs of Asia’s market, which differs greatly from that of the U.S. or other western regions.

For instance, HRCap partnered with their Fortune 100 Air Solutions Client to identify and place a new GM & SVP of Sales in less than five weeks in Q2 2020. This strategic succession planning allowed the client to bring on a new transformational leader who had the industry expertise, cultural nuance, and leadership style best fit for the global client organization. The

transformational leader allowed greater synergies between the APAC, NA, and European executive teams and drove a culture of collective growth with empathy. Under his leadership, the client was able to effectively enhance the product and quality specifications of their air ventilation products, improving their region-specific market share, and driving increased air solution sales globally. Most importantly, they strived to ensure all public indoor venues had the highest-quality ventilation systems in place especially during the peak of the pandemic.

Driving Greater Diversity and Engaging Next-Generation of Leaders

One of HRCap’s principal missions is to support, build, and empower a multicultural and multigenerational global workforce. HRCap not only partners with their clients but also services

APAC candidates and leaders to build cultural sensitivity and generational empathy to various conflicts that arise in the workplace or hiring processes. HRCap 7A Conflict Resolution Model, a seven-step actionable guideline for resolving varying conflicts, has been specifically designed and tailored in light of increasing multicultural and multigenerational conflicts in the modern workforce.

HRCap strongly believes in coaching and building the next generation of leaders. Their annual HRCap Next-Gen Leadership Scholarship program has engaged over 400 applicants from 32

Asian ethnic groups and over 180 U.S. academic institutions in just two cycles. This initiative has engaged applicants to reflect on how their cultural identity can empower them to display values such as service excellence, professionalism, integrity, cultural diversity, and/or human development in their respective academic and professional communities.

HRCap truly understands the importance of creating content that is audience-specific. They release monthly instatoons, transforming their published Industry White Papers, HR Blogs,

and Expert Columns into more easily digestible laymen’s terms for the greater public and younger generations across contemporary platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Webtoon.

Through their growing digital HR projects, HRCap supports and engages the next generation as they build empathy towards ever-essential topics on: building self-awareness and learning agility; understanding the growing importance of EI amid growing AI technologies; and tackling multigenerational conflicts.

These initiatives have effectively strengthened HRCap’s engagement with future and current candidates, encouraging all professionals to build cultural sensitivity as global citizens who are not just pack leaders but instead global leaders in their respective industries.

Leading by Action with Empathy and Inclusivity

Every year, in light of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the United States, HRCap has highlighted and celebrated both notable AAPI leaders and employees making a positive impact in their respective industries and communities. Their unique voices, varied backgrounds, and personalized stories truly allow them to relate with global candidates and deliver the highest quality work for their diverse clients. By building bridges and breaking ceilings, and by stepping up and leaning in, they have brought greater awareness, appreciation, and acclimation in both the United States and across Asia Pacific.

“I am energized by the collaborative environment where we can ground on our commonalities and celebrate our differences,” says Stella H. Kim, Chief Marketing Officer at HRCap. “We are

committed to supporting and developing an even more inclusive and empathetic culture at HRCap, to truly lead by action.”

Through their global cultural sensitivity, vast leadership resources and social, digital initiatives, HRCap continues to propel and strengthen both their APAC clientele, candidates, and employees to foster a rigorous and global market. HRCap leads by action by committing to their unwavering value proposition, as they bridge the cultural and professional gaps between western and eastern markets. They have truly generated and uplifted the global workforce, and still continue to drive transformation from an intercultural and international perspective tailored for every and any industry.

Source: HRCap, Manage HR


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