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HRCap E-Newsletter (May 13, 2015)

Insider Talk about Career Path & Job Search at Rutgers University

On April 22, 2015, a special career event was held by KSEA (Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association) members at Rutgers University. Mr. Andrew Sungsoo Kim, our President & CEO and Mr. Richard Park, our VP & COO were invited as the guest speakers to deliver a lecture on "Career Path & Job Search", addressing before KSEA student members at the Busch Campus of Rutgers. Mr. Kim provided an inspirational, life-planning advice designed primarily to help them develop a healthy career and live a fulfilling life. In essence, he not only shared key career development advice, but also a self-improvement guide and life strategy. Mr. Park discussed about the current job market trends, growing industries, job search tips, among others.  Messrs. Kim and Park also shared with students about their perspectives on finding and mapping one’s career path. Following the presentations, students had a chance to have a Q&A session with the guest speakers along with Dr. Jaeyoung Kwak, President of KSEA NJ Chapter, and Dr. K. Stephen Suh, President of KSEA NY Chapter, who attended the event.

HRCap Participated in the 2015 KOCHAM Summer Internship Program

KOCHAM (Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in USA) offers annual internship programs for Korean American college students. It is designed to provide them with the opportunity to intern for major U.S. based Korean companies and gain valuable work experience. In addition to HRCap, over 30 companies participated in this year’s internship program. Of which, HRCap, Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDS, LG Electronics, and LG CNS were selected to attend the group interview session on May 1st to interview and select a number of students to start interning at their respective offices from June 1 through August 7, 2015.  Mr. Richard Park, our VP & COO and Mr. Sunghyung Kim, our Recruiting Manager attended the interview session. “We are excited to welcome our new interns and thank KOCHAM for coordinating another year of this outstanding program,” said Mr. Park. Increased Emphasis on Using Social Networks for Recruiting Candidates

It’s no secret that both employers and candidates are using social networks to increase their online exposure. If you thought that 2014 was big for social networking, then 2015 is going to blow you away. Jobvite’s research shows that 73% of recruiters plan to invest more in social recruiting this year, which tells us that hiring trends are evolving at a rapid pace. While 94% of recruiters are using LinkedIn, the next in line is Facebook, used by 66% of recruiters. Social sites are now one of the hottest platforms available for finding best candidates, with both quality and quantity of candidates proven to improve when a proper social recruiting strategy is put in place. As part of our overall strategy, we are expanding our social network profile, thereby building stronger relationships with our existing and future clients and candidates. Join us at our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages to stay connected!


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