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HRCap Drives Workshop for Valuable Training

Written by HRCap, Inc.

March 23, 2023

HRCap Q1 2023 Recruiter Workshop

On Friday, March 17, 2023, HRCap held our U.S. Corporate Employee Workshop at our Headquarters Training room. Our Digital Transformation designed and facilitated the training sessions, and aimed to foster collaboration across all divisions and increase our effectiveness and knowledge of best recruiting techniques through interactive team building, recruiter training, and collaborative ideations.

Interactive Team-Building

Within groups mixed with representing team members from different divisions, our employees participated in activities that required communication and creative collaboration. Through our team-building activities, our newest hires had a chance to meet and network with more experienced leaders across different teams. Since our company is a forever-hybrid work setting, it was nice to come together to have lunch and see everyone in person for the workshop.

Pictionary Icebreaker

"It was really nice to do an icebreaker with the team. I really got to know everyone. And I genuinely felt so happy."

"'Ice Breaking' was my favorite part of the workshop since we had several new employees that have never met each other."

"Due to the telecommuting of each team, there is no opportunity to say hello to each other, but it is good that there are times to get closer, such as communicating with new employees through workshops and sharing a sense of belonging together."

Recruiter Training and Collaborative Ideation

We also participated in training to deepen our expertise and recruiting techniques, such as composing effective InMails that are relatable, relevant, concise, and courteous, understanding relocation trends and addressing pain points, and tightening our candidate screening and recommendation processes.

Through data-driven lectures and interactive activities related to each topic, recruiters gained enhanced perspectives and readily available tools necessary to improve our recruiting and consulting services.

Recruiter Training on InMailing

"The InMailing portion of the workshop was my favorite! There were a lot of concepts that went into creating a good InMail and having a good response rate that I did not know at all."

"I think it was interesting to know what the different components were needed to create a LinkedIn InMail that would encourage interaction."

"My favorite part of the workshop was the topic of relocation. The presentation with relocation insights was extremely helpful, and the activity helped me retain the information. I never thought to consider all of the important lifestyle factors when convincing a candidate to relocate."

As a group, we also addressed certain recruitment challenges and came up with creative ideations and sustainable solutions on how to better address common yet unique recruiting situations. Our veteran recruiters and team leaders shared their varied experiences, while our new recruiters provided their very own fresh perspectives and valuable insights.


Our March workshop has brought our company closer through collaborative activities and discussions. It has leveled up our recruiting techniques and strengthened our collective team offerings. We look forward to immediately applying the knowledge and continue building upon the collaboration gained through the workshop as we continue to provide the best service possible.

Source: HRCap


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