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HRCap Drives Workshop for Collaborative Innovation

Written by HRCap, Inc.

October 6, 2022

On Friday, September 30, 2022, HRCap had our U.S. Company-Wide Employee Workshop at our Headquarters Training room. The main objective of this quarter's workshop was to foster collaboration across all divisions and to co-create by learning from one another. We successfully achieved this by planning the workshop into three unique segments: interactive team-building, Social Media design thinking and brainstorming, and presentation share out of lessons learned.

Interactive Team-Building

Within mixed teams from different divisions, our employees engaged in icebreaker activities.

Our team-building activities helped our newest members to meet and network with members with more experience and from different divisions. By integrating all members of the company to engage and work as a community, we were eager to foster a fun and inclusive work culture.

"It was inspiring and so much fun. It's nice to be able to spend time together post-covid. To get to know each other and welcome our new employees and understand the uniqueness of each team and each person's strengths and areas of growth." - David (Recruiting Manager)

"The Friday workshop was exciting because we were able to see everyone in the office. It was the best thing for me, to get to meet and know everyone in person and learn more about their cases while still having a good time. I really loved it." - Prashi (Recruiting Manager)

Social Media Design Thinking

Social Media Design Thinking Board

Afterward, our HQ employees had an opportunity to brainstorm social media content to build greater brand awareness and offer deeper subject expertise. Seeing everyone’s ideas sparked others’ creativity, and we were able to fill 3 posters with innovative ideas and unique concepts.

We are so glad to have such diverse perspectives that contribute to greater innovation and the ability to think outside the box.

"Seeing everyone brainstorming and putting up different social media content was exciting. Looking at all the different ideas helped me to come up with my own, and it made me excited to produce new social media content." - Jonathan (Digital Marketing & Content Writer)

Sharing Out Most Memorable Project

Employee Presentations of Lessons Learned

Each employee prepared and presented by highlighting their most memorable project - whether that be client account management, recruiting case, candidate management, team development, research & analytics, or digital transformation. Employees included what made it memorable or challenging, how it helped them improve, and what they took away from the experience.

"Listening to everybody’s experiences at HRCap, whether it is a case that we successfully closed or a case that fell through, all of this was a learning experience. And it actually did also give me a good insight into how we work individually and also as a team, and I do look forward to doing more of these workshops again." - Michelle (Recruiting Manager)

"I enjoyed listening to everyone’s projects. Listening to each person’s unique perspective broadened my understanding of the recruiting process, not only from a technical standpoint but also from a human understanding. Sometimes the world feels really large, yet sometimes it feels very small. Details matter and human connections can last a long time if we put in the effort to maintain our relationships with effort and care." - Yubin (Executive Recruiter)

"It was encouraging to hear everyone’s insight from more tenured HRCap members. Hearing about the lengths that they went through and what they have learned. Sometimes closing these cases can be difficult; they take time and a lot of effort. And it’s always encouraging to know that none of us are alone. Workshops like these will essentially make us closer. It’s always fun to collaborate and see everybody having fun and playing the icebreaker games. It shows that we can also have a good time while learning more about the responsibilities of our job and how we can improve ourselves." - Carlene (Assistant Recruiting Manager)

"I learned about how everyone approaches their cases from the perspectives of new and long-time recruiters, and how much growth can happen with every challenge encountered. It was refreshing to hear everyone's individual techniques, and why they’re so passionate about recruiting. It was really nice to connect with all of the teams." - Talia (Executive Recruiter)

Both seasoned HRCap veterans and recent new hires learned from one another with various perspectives and unique approaches for recruiting talent and driving transformations.


Our September workshop has set the bar high for our next workshop. We are excited to build on this momentum to create more team bonding and ideation activities for greater collective growth. We hope to continue to create a space for fun, interactive collaboration that leads to learning, unity, and innovation.

Source: HRCap


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