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HRCap Celebrates 2023 AAPI Heritage Month (Issue #202)

As a global Asian American company, we are excited to commemorate AAPI Heritage Month. From celebrating AAPI leaders to empowering greater leadership, we will be working towards various initiatives and invite everyone to join us in lifting up the AAPI community.

We have revisited and refined our original predictions of the Top 10 HR Trends of 2023 with updated analysis of the latest HR developments:

  • Trend 1: Resignations and Turnovers Continue

  • Trend 2: Preventing Bad Hires Creates a Leaner Workforce

  • Trend 3: Inflation Leads to Greater Economic Inequality

  • Trend 4: Competitive Salary Package is Not Enough for the Modern Workforce

  • Trend 5: Forever Hybrid is Here to Stay; Flexibility is Critical

  • Trend 6: There is Rising Urgency to Invest in Cybersecurity

  • Trend 7: Data Literacy is the Universal Language of the Future

  • Trend 8: The Proven Best ROI is Upskilling and Reskilling Talent

  • Trend 9: It is Ever More Critical to Retain a Multigenerational Workforce

  • Trend 10: Burnout Calls for Greater Empathetic Leadership

HRCap strongly recommends both employers and employees to understand and internalize these critical HR trends to future-proof the workforce in the evolving global landscape.

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