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HRCap Anniversary: Word from our CEO (Issue #152)

Yesterday, we celebrated HRCap’s 22nd anniversary. We are amazed and humbled at how HRCap has progressed and grown in just a year. During the Anniversary’s Opening Ceremony, our CEO shared a few words reflecting on HRCap’s growth, acknowledging team achievements, and setting his imperatives for strategic investment for greater growth.

“My heart is so full to be able to celebrate with all of our employees today, both in person and virtually. I would like to first take the time to sincerely thank each and every member here for your passion and dedication to HRCap, which we have built and developed together. We are on the right path for another successful year, and it would not be possible without the right people."

{ 22nd Anniversary }

We celebrated HRCap's 22nd Anniversary on June 07, 2022! Thank you to all our clients, candidates, and employees that have partnered with us along our journey. We hope to continue to grow and provide service excellence.

{ HR Insights }

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